WANTED: Need help with an early 1960's cycle

I’m pretty much a motorcycle model newbie… I’m trying to locate a 1/16 scale model of any motorcycle that might’ve been present in the early sixties in Vietnam. I’m guessing Yamaha, Honda, and maybe more…but I an having a hard time finding anything early in model kit form - much less in 1/16 scale. A few by Pyro?.. Are there more out there? Scooters, etc. too…but 1/16 scale? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Honda CB 77 may fit the bill…


1/16 scale i see them diecast in kit i dont know but…

Piaggio’s Vespa was very popular,i think the high majority would be VBA , VBB and VBC models 125cc or 150 cc, some VL1 and VNA models too,in many movie you can see 50cc or 125cc “small frame” but i it’s not very accurate,especially during the 50’s-60’s Piaggio and ACMA (the French subsidiary of Piaggio) usually export 125 -150 because more suited to that kind of market also , the 50cc and 125cc “small frame” was a novelty of the mid 60s and the production was limited for the western market, for the Asian market before exporting something new they made sure to run out of all the stock funds of the old models, even building hybrids between different models some time.

Although less popular because more expensive , Lambretta scooters were also imported.

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Would an MPC 1/16 Honda Super Hawk CB77 be correct or is that too new of a version?

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Thank you…
I did find a 1/16 Pyro kit of a Vespa G.S. Sport Motor Scooter but I have no idea of the time frame. Am I even close?


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Yes and no…the GS was a top of the range model,
however, the differences are minimal as regards shapes and especially if you are not a Vespa expert
, especially on such an old kit , do not fit the gloves box, and no luggage rack and windshield (they were fancy after market), the long saddle should’t be a problem were already standard in Europe and popular aftermarket in Asia.

i dont think pyro made such an accurate kit and of such a rare series but check that there is no little “door” on the back between the saddle and the headlight, if there is, remove it with a bit of putty because that was the toolbox and was only present on a limited number of Gran Sports.

For the colors you can choose any color from VBB and VNB series, not the white of the kit because was only for GS.


Thank you very very much!
You have shared some great information.


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:thinking:…I forgot the spare wheel! … in the GS they put the wheel inside the left side panel opposite the engine but in the similar normal series (VBB and VNB) it was an optional mounted either behind the seat or in front of the driver’s knees with some supports, on the left side there was a glove compartment for tools etc … with a flap door on the top

…like that,the bottom of the left side panel was flat,i think you can cut the bottom of the spare wheel and engrave the flap door and you are good to go.

The MPC Honda Super Hawk kit looks like your best bet - or possibly Life Like Yamaha 250 .
I seem to recall the Pyro kits had solid clear disks for wheels with spokes engraved on them - not very convincing.

Well I certainly thank you all for your advice and I’m certain I’ll be back.
As it stands, I have a 1/16 Vespa G S Sport scooter and a 1/16 Honda Super Hawk CB77 cycle inbound. Gonna’ try them both in the diorama and see what looks best also…see which one builds up to what I hope it could be…lol.

Thanks again,