WANTED-Tamiya kits, figures and accessories (& 2 Verlinden items)

Thought I’d try looking here before going out and making a purchase.
I’m looking for the following:

Kits/Figure sets:
Tamiya M4A3E8 Korean War boxing #35359
Tamiya M40 155mm #35351
Tamiya Panzer IV G #35378
Tamiya Afrika Korps Infantry #35314
Tamiya M4A3 105mm #35251
Tamiya M8 “Combat Patrol” boxing #25196

Would also be interested in any aftermarket for the above.

Figures/Accessories from kits:
Tamiya M26 Pershing loader figure in the cold weather cap
Tamiya Tiran 5 Crew figures
Tamiya M4A3E8 Korean War crew figures
Tamiya M40 Crew and/or 155mm ammo
Tamiya Panzer IV G DAK figures
Tamiya .50 WWII ammo cans
Tamiya .30 WWII ammo cans

Verlinden 76mm Sherman Tank Ammo #342
Verlinden bedroll seen here:
Verlinden stowage
It was originally designed for the M8 and has cut outs for the mines. It has appeared in a variety of WWII to Modern stowage sets.

Willing to buy or trade for the above. If you’re interested in trading, here is a link to my list:
Link to my trade/sale list

Thanks for looking!

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