Wanted to buy Dragon No. 6760 1/35 Sexton II 25 Pdr SP Tracked Kit

Wanted to buy for a reasonable price if anyone has one or 2 stashed away. Seller preferably in Australia.

Dragon No. 6760 1/35 Sexton II 25 Pdr SP Tracked Kit

If anyone has one they may part with please reply :blush:

@Nickpal01 Postage from OS will be a killer Nick. May I suggest you look at some of the Australian Buy and Sell groups on Facebook? You can post wanted to buy on them, and likely a better chance of getting a hit. Postage is 1/2 or less what you will pay from OS.
Model Buy/Sell/Trade Australia
Models buy, swap and sell Australia
Australian and New Zealand Plastic model Buy, sell, swap
Australian Scale Model Builders Buy and Sell

Only open to Aussies or Kiwis and you have to request to join (with most having a few questions to answer to show you are a ‘Fair Dinkum’ modeller wanting to join).

PS Kit 6793 is also an option. That one has the one piece transmission and Canadian Dry Pin tracks though. It does have a 3 piece tranny in the box, but 6760 has the same sprue in it but has those parts as not used with a separate sprue with the tranny provided.

Beware: Both have DS tracks and mine from my 6760 kit had the dreaded oil leaching and were broken in the packet. I picked up a second hand set of CDP Fruils for it…

Thanks for the idea Peter. I may have to get facebook just for this and then delete it again lol. I have found one on hobbyeasy.com but am wondering about poatage times and if they are still posting to Austrakia. I have sent them off an email and will await a reply. :crossed_fingers:t2:

@Nickpal01 Hong Kong can only send stuff to Oz by Surface mail, so you are looking at weeks.

I think you will find Facebook is much more than you think. There are a lot of good modelling groups and stuff like that. A lot of net sites have transferred to Facebook e,g, Terry Ashley has set up PMMS on Facebook.

Set up as Private with the bare minimum to avoid identity theft - e.g. no date of Birth, etc. and don’t post pics of the car license plate, your home or any pics or any info that you are away on holidays… ha ha…

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