Warp brand metal tracks

Has anyone tried the warp brand tracks sold of amazon on any builds.

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Go for it! Take one for the team!

I don’t see what could possibly wrong buying white metal tank tracks from a Chinese medical software company that also makes Tricorders.

I say go for it, if they can keep Starfleet happy with tricorders track links should be childs play.

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You kinda have to take that as a possible goof up.

I bought Vortex brand rear motorcycle stand for my sport bike. They had a link that takes you to vortex Sights. which if your into guns can be a quality optics. But the two had zero to do with each other. I even addressed it with Vortex reps and they also were WTH?

Not at those prices!

Yes its high, But I cant find anyone building a Sherman T84 with the thick rubber cleat. AFV is even to thin.

NO; that wasn’ty a goof-up. It’s purpose made.

How Chinese Sellers are Manipulating Amazon in 2023 (ecomcrew.com)

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I hear ya. This was the stand on amazon, I already talked to both amazon and Vortex. Both are confused.

Vortex ST943 Head lift on amazon will take you to Vortex optics.

R-Model makes the wide pad tracks. R-Model 1/35 35173 Metal Track For WWII U S M4A3E8 Sherman Tank T84 Track | eBay

Better pictures of the R-Model version here: R Model 35173g 1/35 M4a3e8 Sherman T84 Tank Model Metal Track And Pin - Trank&military Chariot Model - AliExpress

I saw that. And might be just as big a risk either way. Going thru paypal and ebay would protect you more. June delivery though. But still no rush. you have 180 days to make a claim with paypal.

thats actually a better risk. Thanks!

I have purchased R-Model tracks before. they’re good tracks, akin to Friul. It’s really a crapshoot if you buy on Amazon or eBay nowadays. So many Chinese retailers and you see the exact same kit at the exact same price, sold by 7 ''different" ebay sellers.

retailers like “wearworld-1”, “Peaceful2018”, “sunflower939”, etc…

All selling the exact same kit (try looking for a Meng M3A3 Busk kit). Using the exact same stock photos of the kit. Everything, right down to the exact same spelling errors.

I always try my best to avoid these companies and try to buy at retailers i know and trust, like Sprue Brothers, or Burbank House of Hobbies, or even "A-Modeler (aka BNA Model World out of Victoria, Australia) (not a plug for any of these businesses).

I wondered about burbank. I have gotten a lot of my J’s works paint schemes from BNA. sprue I like, but they have risen some stuff dealing with ukraine it seems.

yeah, a lot of the Ukraine made kits, like MasterBox, MiniArt and ICM have gone up in price, which I understand.