Warrior 2 update for academy kit

Scorpion miniature models conversion of academy warrior,


Looks nice Frank. Whats the base Warrior kit like ? I have seen a few going on ebay and was considering getting one to do as an early BAOR one to go with my Chally1.

This looks great, but not much of a “conversion”; look how little of the original kit there is.

The kit is ok, for its age, good for an early BAOR one,
check info on the one you are going to create, as some small differences over time,

turret basket is a mare to put together, ride height is something you need to set as you have 3mm of play and strength of swinging arms is weak so put on near the end.
2 I need to finish, normal and command one.


Thanks Frank, thats good to know. :+1:

It was easier to do the whole top , then to have lots of cutting and sanding down of items marked on a piece of paper.


Agreed. Keep up the good work, too.

Some other ones I have converted

And a gulf meanie.


Academy kit has a lot of flaws, most of which is solved by throwing most of it away here. It still has the issue of the drive sprocket housings being too wide when the vehicle is viewed from the front - not a huge fix. Be aware that it has tracks that are too tight and numerous of us have had suspension arms ripped off as the tracks tend to shrink over time.

This looks like a great version Frank. Thanks for posting pics.

Agree on the suspension arms I had to put a pin down mine! I used the AA interior and it made the kit rather heavy😀

The SMM kit corrects the drive sprocket housings being too wide.


Thanks Michael - could not see that in the pictures.