Warrior IFV

I am building Mengs Warrior as in the pic I uploadeda pic of how i want to configuremine im having problems with the rear stowage box on the left rear rear would anyone happen to have scratch build that box or have dimensions of that stowage box?


I did. one by guesstimating, I have the dimensions somewhere with all my other Warrior stuff I will dig it out

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did you 3d print it?

Unfortunately no, I went through the whole process of designing a full update kit, only to find that my PC was too old to run a slicer program


I only model in small scale so had an only a basic kit to start. But if Meng used the measurements I supplied (via a third party) then the bin is the standard width of the normal bins fitted a 760mm with a height of 734mm and a depth of 864mm, the height and depth are estimated, but as it fits within the rear light cluster the width is actual, spent a couple of days at Bovington climbing and measuring the thing.

Can you recommend anyone on here to 3d print the bin for me?