Wash for Blue and Yellow Aircraft Schemes


I’m in the planning stage for an inter-war Blue and Yellow aircraft scheme and I’m wondering what would be a good color to use over the yellow for panel line and surface detail washes. I’m concerned black, dark brown, might be too harsh. Would a lighter brown work with yellow? Or another color?

Same question for the blue, although I feel the black could work here, unless there is a better color?

I don’t have very good color perception, so formulaic answered are good to me.

Thanks and Happy Modeling,

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I think if I had this camouflage as base then would go with light brown for yellow and depends on blue base then I would go with lighter or darker shade of blue for those panel lines. The idea would be to show bit of panel detail but yet not make them stand out like a sour thumb. I have done the heavy wash on lighter base colors and later on regretted it. So, little is better when it comes to panel line wash.

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An Indigo blue for the blue and raw sienna (think dark “school bus” yellow) for the yellow areas. These colors will retain the overall saturation.

However, as “weathered” colors, consider Payne’s gray for the blue. The raw sienna would still work on the yellow.

These are more or less “standard” artist colors which can be found in both oil and acrylic, as well as in other artist mediums, like chalk and oil pastels, watercolors, etc. You should be able to find color “swatches” against which you could compare various model paints, if you wanted.