Waste of time ? (idid try to be nice about the title) but the system wouldnt let me

May be due to the fact that they are in a national lockdown, so no ye old pubs :roll_eyes:


how ironic, I left britmodeller because of all the drama, egos and clique mentality but that’s your call.

I find plenty to read and engage in whilst here, where as britmodeller is much slower on content and I can easily catch up as a passive observer ever 2-3 weeks


Been a member since 28th of December, less than a month so this topic would therefore be the quota for December and November …
Spent 36 minutes reading posts … Truly a mightily fast reader to be able to read and evaluate a sufficiently large sample and produce a verdict. I spend more than 36 minutes daily and I still only read less than half of the posts …



Looks likes your tenor


Yeah I kinda wonder if you went on that site and posted the same thing but in reverse how they would react. Of course… some of their members might find out how easy it was to post images here and defect. hehe

[ And to be clear I am joking! There is plenty of space on the vast Internet for all these sites and more and people can use far more than one and live contented lives. Just… give up Facebook. :smiley: ]

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I did that many months ago @staff_Jim, and don’t miss that dumpster fire one bit.


Actually Robin you are another one who needs to get their facts correct, before running off at the mouth, I didnt want the change to the site, how ever, I signed up for the NEW FORUMS, on the 28th of December, been a member for easily 6-8 YEARS before, Get your FACTS correct, before you start spouting rubbish. My point is the posted information on the site seems to be changing, thats not bad, but not what I want, thats all. As I have said in earlier posts to barkingdigger and he has acknowledged, when the new site was opened it was day one for all, hence didnt see the need to update, felt however in December, due to the work put in by all members of staff, I would update to see what I thought of some of the newsite and its features. Thats for me when I decided to look at other sites and compare how they filled the need for the information I needed.

I have spoken to Barkindigger and explained that I had a roll over accident in an Ambulance on the way to an emergency, which has left me with a degree of traumatic head injury, so i some times struggle to make myself understood clearly, maybe the wrong words even, commanders hatch instead of cupola.

You obviously believe that I need to be on here for more than 36 minutes in less than 30 days to decide that I for one dont like some of the changes, that have been made, thats all I am saying

I hope you can re-look at my comments with an open mind and see I was not meaning the site was anything more than not fit for MY purpose and that i wouldnt pay to be in the Armorama club, if asked to.
I think you need to take a good hard look at my original email,ask me questions, value the points I have raised, then advise me how you would have SAID, THIS IS NOT FIT FOR THE PURPOSE I JOINED THE SITE

Me, personally, if I don’t like a site, the others at a party, a store or similar I just leave.
Maybe say good bye to some friends who will be staying but I don’t make dramatic public statement about it. I can leave, I can stay, the earth will keep spinning around its axle while circling around the sun. Maybe some will notice if I leave, maybe some will care.
I will never make a stink about it.
Maybe we will meet again on the internet.
Best wishes with your head injury.
Cheers / Robin


@staff_Jim, I’m a dinosaur, I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, snap chat etc. I see no need to post pictures of what I am eating for breakfast on the internet.

oh and I normally use my mobile phone to talk to people as well lol :grin:


Yes and I do understand that Britmodeller can be a bit slow and clunky, however i was speaking about course content, theres just not that much that interests me on Armorama, I used to have ARm open every night, it was good for my interests.

To me the changes set in before, during and after the new forum, Did the new forum give access to people with mixed interests Military, aircraft, marine. I dont know the answers

One thing I can say is, as of yet, I have had no other problems, with britmodeller, as you mentioned, or the more than 2 dozen facebook pages I belong to, however of course over time that can change as well, Britmodeller, I believe has had a changes quite recently, I have only been on there for about 10-12 months if that, as i say I still think its a bit clunky, but when they find something they seen to adjust it. Thank you for taking the time to reply

Man, for someone who is leaving, you keep coming back to reply. If you want to go, just go. You won’t be missed.


Need to check one thing: Have you visited Armorama

or are you looking at the top level, the current equivalent of the Kitmaker level,
At the top level everything is jumbled aircraft, ships, armour, trucks, cars, helicopters, sci-fi.
The top level is similar to the Latest Posts feature in the old forum.

To my eyes the Armorama section seems to contain the same type of posts/topics as the old Armorama forum. The form has changed but the content is almost the same as before.

One difference is that the new forum has the heart icon so that it is possible to express
like, gratitude, ‘hear-hear’ or othe appreciation without being forced to create a new post.
Some like it, some don’t …

The jumbled level:

Pure Armorama:

Sorry but what makes me laugh a bit is the fact that you talk as if you just migrated to Britmodeler (a forum that I like to read sometimes and that I find well done except too many subdivisions) when you have more than 14000 posts !! … :astonished: 14000! … and in 10 years of armorama just over 100 … you can follow or not follow everything you want, but make a drama out of it and above all try to make believe that you have just landed on other forums because you don’t like the new site , when you have been a “Golden Member” (OMG it’s soo Austin Powers :laughing:) for years I find it at least ridiculous mate


Maybe I should consider posting my oatmeal porridge breakfast on Facebook.
If I ever have haggis for lunch or dinner I will definitely post it


Sorry I couldn’t resist …


Goldmember … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Gentlemen (and I use the term with caution) - it is time we stop flogging this topic, as some of the comments are verging on bullying. Yes, Kefffy does keep responding, but then he is being called out so I can understand him coming back to reply. I don’t agree with his assessment, or indeed his comparison with Britmodeller (a site I’ve visited occasionally, and have nothing against, but don’t personally feel holds a candle to here), but I respect his decision and won’t beat him up on his choices.

Everyone uses websites for their own reasons, and if Kefffy can’t find what he wants here that’s his call. I wish him well, and if he ever wants to look in again let’s leave a light on for him. Now it’s time for us all to move on…