Water distribution

I came across this image.

Make my fingers itch to build samething similar. :wink:
40x48 pallets are no problem, but getting water cans en masse for a reasonable price is tricky.
Image from DVIDS.

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Talk to @James_Lee.


Buy canisters for one package. Make it yourself. Use as a master model for resin casting. If you haven’t done this before, then it’s not scary - everything is quite simple there.


To add to the above, you can even cut the fuel cans in half for the ones where you only see the narrow end, effectively giving you to for one. By my count you only need eleven.
And of course Trumpeter gives us this:

On second though, by REALLY being creative, you could get by with six cans - three across the front, and six halves along the side. Fill the unseen part with anything - Legos even. Make cardboard top from .010 styrene and make a mold. Then you’d have to disassemble it and make another one for the opposite side and make a second mold.
Actually, RTV is more expensive than plastic fuel cans. I’d just make one with a front and two sides.

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Vier, fünf, sechs, sieb’n

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Jut jemacht.

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More load goods on my bench.
81mm mortar round pallet.

Pelican chests by Eureka XXL

Javelin wood boxes (ready for Ukraine!)

AT-4 wood boxes, also for Ukraine.

Beverage dispenser

Bundeswehr steel pallet

Stryker tires

Made after a real one.


From those images you can use a less defined part for the center section to get you support but not waste good water cans.

Really like the tire stack. :+1:

Could have saved 10 cans.
Skip 5 in the centre row and split five cans to get front and rear parts

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I used the 4-in-a row water cans from Blast Models Stryker update set, the remaining cans are from
AFV Club. Maybe this will remain a unique part since I only collect ideas.

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Maybe a little late.

These are the wrong era jerry cans. The ones pictured in the first post are modern US plastic water cans. The Italeri set are WWII US and German metal fuel cans.

Myself, I prefer “bulk” delivery:
The Hippo water carried and purifier.

429thBSB_Cotton PuryearHippo