Water in my airbrush

Even though I have a filter and regulator connected in-line I have water in my airbrush. Any thoughts?

Very humid climate?

Get a bottle of CO2 and never worry about it again.

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Along with location, do you have the trap at the compressor or airbrush? How long of line do you have?

It’s not humid. I have the trap at the compressor. I ruined the paint job.

If your compressor has a tank you may want to drain it.
Water can accumulate inside the tank and after a while the rust will eat through the air tank.


Rob, you might have condensed water in the tank. There’s a valve somewhere at the tank. Open it when you have full pressure on the tank and let the water drain out. But don’t do it in the living room, kitchen or any other room! If possible go outside.


You did not say what airbrush you are using, however there are water traps that fit at the end of the line next to the airbrush handle. Get that. Water can still condense in the line if the warm compressed air cools in the line. The at the tank traps do not work as well.

18 Bravo said it best. CO2 is a dry gas so you can not get water spatter from a CO2 cylinder. There are a host of other advantages with a CO2 cylinder but that is not the issue in this thread.

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What @TopSmith says!

If you have a long hose, the hose itself will function as a sort of compressed air “tank” and releasing pressure at the AB trigger will cause moisture in the line to condense and droplets run into your AB. This can happen even with a water-trap / filter right at the tank-compressor.

The reason is that the air coming out of the tank-compressor is warm and will still contain moisture. As it sits in the hose, it cools down some and the sudden release of pressure when you trigger the AB causes the moisture to condense in the hose.

To eliminate / mitigate, use a shorter hose and add an in-line filter / moisture-trap a the the end of the hose at the AB.

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All the previous answers apply.
Always drain the tank after use to prevent build up of water.
When my compressor was on the way out it was spitting out equal amounts of oil, water & air.
Only when I fitted an inline mini-water-trap at the airbrush end did this become apparent.

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