Water Splash!

More used to building 1/72-scale military dioramas, I decided to try my hand at car modelling. This is one of my recent pieces, with an experiment in recreating moving water.
Peta Solberg’s 2007 Monte Carlo Rally Subaru Impreza (1/36 scale).
Always good to try something different …



now that’s simply fantastic work. The water splashes are amazing.
Looking forward to seeing more of your automotive dioramas.



Thanks for your complimentary comment … much appreciated!
I must admit I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to pull this off,
but I’m quite pleased with the result.


Excellent !

Well it gets my vote, and for a water effect experiment, I’d say you smashed it on your first attempt … How was it done Paul ?

I am with Johnny on this one. Would love to know what technique you used to achieve the wave effect.


Yeah I echo the other commenters in wanting to know more about how it was done!

I have to say this instantly made me think of doing this very thing in a rally video game. Plus, I’ve seen it on footage of rallying and I think you’ve captured that look- it’s not often you see a car driven at high speed into a bit of water and I think you’ve caught that moment beautifully. That lovely blue paint really looks the part too- and the way you have the dirt and streaks of dirty, muddy water raking back over the car just ties it all in nicely.

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Beautifully done Paul, I love it!

There’s one thing that I really want to try my hand at, and that is putting together bases for some of my builds. Seeing your work here is really inspiring, and you definitely need to give us a mini-tutorial on your methods!

Cheers, D

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To you all,

Thanks for the positive feedback.
To answer cosimodo’s question regarding my ‘water splash’ technique …

The foundation for this was two sections cut from a disposable transparent drinks cup, with the outer edges feathered.
Once fixed in place, each one was coated with PVA white glue, and teased-out cotton wool laid on the still-wet surfaces.
With the cotton wool completely dry, I applied several layers of Winsor & Newton’s ‘Artists’ Glazing Medium (Gloss), allowing each to dry before adding the next layer.
The process was repeated for the churned-up water around the front of the car, and an earth-tone acrylic paint was used to give the impression of muddy water around the lower areas.
It is also worth noting that the actual stream was recreated using several thin layers of the glazing medium, which I found to be less problematic than resin.


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