Weathering for ODS tanker

Hi all, Ive just purchased some Artist Pastels to help with weathering. My M52 and M1062 rig is nearly done, just waiting for some gladhands from James Lee - and knowing how to weather it.

Can anyone advise on weathering a tanker used in early ODS? I’ve looked online but there doesn’t seem to be much apart from clean tankers used on highway (port to fuel depot) and dusty ones used off road.

Any advice, or pictures would be most welcome. Here’s the rig as it is now.


Maybe you can get some inspiration from this one by Joaquin Garcia Gazquez, he used mostly oils for the weathering:

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Here is a weathered water truck done with pastels. In your case you would need to add some shiny oil and fuel deposits.

Thanks Michael, good advice.

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