Welcome to the new KitMaker! | KitMaker Network

This will be the new home for our 'general' modeling news, reviews, and primary point of entry for new visitors to the KitMaker Network.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://kitmaker.net/news/welcome-to-the-new-kitmaker

Would be awfully nice if the majority of that older archived content had not lost most/all their attached photos!

Some of us even continued to pay the PhotoBucket toll in order to insure support for this site just so this DID NOT happen; but it happened anyway.


I continue with the contention that anything posted in this particular location will be basically overlooked. Few modelers come to this particular portion of the site. (In my humble opinion.) Your “hit” numbers will immediately prove me either right or wrong.

The product announcement of the new Hurricane doesn’t belong here. It belongs in the Aeroscale section.

The article on making bushes from old brushes doesn’t belong here. It belongs in the diorama section, or scenery modeling - anywhere but here.

The article on casting a complete model RR locomotive belongs in the model railroading section.

Most/all “Feature” articles actually belong under the particular subject heading they pertain to.

Now if we (content creators) could just key new Features, Articles and Threads to multiple subject divisions instead of having to pick just one, this would increase the “informational synergy” provided across this modeling site immensely.

An current example would be the thread covering a WWII German flatcar loading ramp used to load tanks onto transport cars. This topic applies to WWII Axis armor, WWII Railroading, Post-war Railroading and Model Railroading in general.

I am NOT saying to duplicate the same information in multiple topic headings thereby taking up tons of computer space. What I am saying is to give the content authors the option to post the SAME data under multiple topic headings so that EVERYONE might see and partake of the information being offered.

If concerned about aspects such as this they are better directed to Jim via the PM system as he will see it then.