Weld beads on a m113

Squadron is too thin for weld seams in my opinion. I use 2-part putty.

Here is the rear seam that is not included on all the kits I know of.

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There are never enough good photos! :+1:

Hi,Sean,I’m in west vjiginia,USA.let me know the total cost and I can use PayPal,I greatly appreciate your reply,thank you

Thanks for the pics,I have a walk around,but your pics especially the back corner are awesome,the box art on the afv kit shows them and that’s what I modeled them on the tamiya body,lol,I just took in the box,and I’ll be damned they were molded in the afv kit.I should have known! I scribed the knot h ito both sides and layer in a sprue bead looks like your pic,thanks👍

Stikpusher,‘‘twas a dark day when they closed the DC store,actually gave me a anxiety attack,I was there on the last day grabbing everything I could,was quite the haul.my friend Raef ,with deeper pockets tha me,he scored a couple of their display cases,look awesome in his living room.

Sent you a PM John.

Hi,Sean,won’t be the first time shipping was more than the product.just let me know the end cost and details to PayPal you,again thank you

Sorry to say stikpusher is correct, I just stopped by the shop & none of his 3 suppliers list it.

Guys - I admire your zeal here - but Jeez - we are talking about 1:35 are we not…?

What weld beads ? If I can see it in a photo I make it.

The rivet counter meets the weld beader… :wink: (and no I am not referring to anyone here)

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That sound like it may be slightly suggestive in nature! Just sayin!


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Yes we are talking about weld beads in 1/35 , I will be trying uncle night shifts method.especially now that my new stock of evergreen came in.l mean quarter round(1.0mm) and half round (2.0 mm)and a couplie of packs of round(0.50) how do they make stuff so small.no sprue for me now.I find the application of weld beads satisfying and calming much like I quess my mother did with her knitting.like Sean said ,if it calls for one it gets one.now if I could only change my screen name to WELD BEAD.

Oh yea Sean,thanks for the effort.

Just to prove I’m not entirely averse to such detail I do have these in my stash:

Unused of course(!)

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Archer has a line of different welds.

I also saw a set from virlinden,my opinion their all so perfect they are imperfect and have their limitations.please guys, don’t let making weld beads intimidate you it’s pretty simple and not a horrific chore,besides after making few you’ll see how that lil bit extra is so worth it.I’m more than happy to walk you through the process,you already have the tools.

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