Weld beads on a m113

I see models of 113’s without weld beads and very few with them,who’s right?

It’s been over 20 years since I rode in or drove a 113. But the only weld beads that I remember are for the tie down points. I don’t recall any major weld beads for the hull plate joins. Like I said though, it’s been over 20 years.

The weld beads aren’t prominent but they’re there. They’re typically about 1/2 inch wide fillets. Here are a few photos.

A “M113 walk around” search can provide more examples of specific points around the vehicle.



I appreciate the info and the pic,thank you

Weld beads take a lot of time and effort for the model makers = money
so I’m not at all surprised that many kits do not have them

Weld beads take a lot of time and effort for the model builder, at least if
they are trying to make them look realistic → not at all surprised that many
model builders don’t bother with them (I don’t …)

Remembering weld beads from many years ago: Who thinks about weld beads when there
is so much else going on …

I have found that with filler putty and liquid cement, weld beading on armor isn’t that hard to do.

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You can also stretch a piece of the frame from the model over the fire …

That’s what I use as well, it’s really all Squadron green putty is good for in my mind.

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For straight welds I would agree, scribe a shallow line & glue in place. To me putty works great around smaller & irregularly shaped parts.

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True :wink: :+1:

Robin,modeling models, not just building them,is what I do , to get away from (so much else that’s going on) Now about the time and effort,isn’t that what modeling is….something we put time and effort into that can be recognized and appreciated…I continue each build with adding new skill sets that will be used in the next project.no disrespect intended,but I do find your responce rather negative

Each to his own.
I have too many models waiting for my attention so
I have chosen to take some shortcuts.
Some spend a year superdetailing one model,
I have chosen to build more models instead.

“I see models of 113’s without weld beads and very few with them,who’s right?”
I gave you a few reasons why some models are missing the welds and stated my preference.
If you choose to take that as “rather negative” than so be it.
You build your models your way, I do it my way.
I applaud the effort you are willing to put into your models.

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Thank you for the reply,for now I use stretched sprue a kinda blunt # 11 blade and testors cement to fashion my weld beads for no more reason ,than I think their cool.just got turned onto (The muuufff frieeeendds guy) on you tube and will be trying his use of epoxy putty beads his way of expressing and sharing his skills ,blows me away.

Thanks Robin,I can deal with that,much appreciated

Awesome bead work Sean,now how the h### you do that with green putty amazes me

Thanks John . I’ve become a huge fan of “uncle night shift” as well , he’s doing amazing work using insulation foam for dio. scenery. Here’s what I’m using

That’s Testors cement in a Tamiya bottle , Tamiya is too hot & will make a mess of what we’re trying to do.

I’m a bit to lazy to mix up epoxy putty for welds so what I do is pull a small quantity of green stuff from the tube & roll it out between my fingers into “snake “, the smaller in diameter the better.

I then hit the area I want to “weld” with some cement & place the “bead” there with the cement moistened brush.

Wait a few seconds for it to grab and then work the “bead” the rest of the way around the part , poking & prodding as necessary to get a nice looking weld.


Sean,you sure make it look easy and I will try your method as my 113 fsv progress,thank you much

Lately,I’ve started us evergreen rod stock half rounds a quarter rounds,I’m satisfied with the results,nut they do have their faults,welding small or irregular shapes,and the e evergreen stuff stops me burning my finger tips.now for as your green putty method,I tried it with my Deluxe plastic putty and it just smushed do I let it set up some before rolling.and where do you get squadron putty I’m running into dead ends.

Hi John,
I have no hands on experience with the perfect plastic putty but my understanding is it’s water based and so a completely different formulation than squadron green stuff. That said letting it set up some before rolling may help depending how thin it is out of the tube. I sometimes find it necessary to let the green stuff evaporate a bit & form a skin before manipulating it but usually it’s pretty dry out of the tube anyway Fast Drying Green Putty, Squadron SQ9050 It does seem it’s out of stock from quite a few online outlets, if all else fails my local brick & mortar carries it & I may be able to send you a tube depending on where you are.

Well, Squadron went belly up how long ago? They shut down all of their name brand item production, plus the shop. The shop has since re opened recently, but have they started producing any of the Squadron modeling products again? If not, any Squadron putties found for sale will be existing unused old stock.