Were GMC CCKW 750 gallon Tankers used in The Korean War?

Hobbyboss 1:35 scale model kit- US GMC CCKW 750 gallon Tanker Version HBB83830 6939319238306 | eBay

Why this particular vehicle? Because I read about how during late 1950, US tankers had to pour gasoline on steep hillsides and light it so tank tracks could grip the surface to climb them. I assume yes, but this happens to be an older model truck so I had to be sure. Also, I already have this kit.

Can’t answer the question, but I’m keen to learn more about this burning soil grip technique! Is there more info available? (For a start, how did the trucks get to the top to pour the fuel down?)

Actually the ice coatings were set on fire. And the truck itself has two big tanks and racks full of jerrycans on its side.