Werewolf Prom

According to horror movies, everything bad happens on prom night…homicidal slice-and-dicer, alien attacks, mutant incursions, vampires…etc. Here’s another hungry werewolf.

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excellent work and composition, I thought you might have put a “Michael J Fox” picture inside the girl’s locker as well for a bit of fun.

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Great idea! There were other signs I would like to have printed out, too, but my printer “ist kaput”! :pouting_cat:
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@Biggles50 yeah my printer died as well and I can’t be bothered to fix it as it hardly gets used anyway.

That’s a great piece you’ve done up there Biggles- straight out of an old horror film!

If you look closely there are hand-drawn copies of mid-sixties issues of “Mad Magazine”, and “Creepy Magazine” on the top of the lockers (there’s also a Playboy Magazine at the other end). The copy of “Creepy” is supposed to look like this:

A bit of a joke if you can see it! :smile_cat:
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That’s a nice ‘in-joke’ Biggles.
I particularly like the school sign behind the lockers about the ‘Howlers’ :grin:!


Yeah…another bit of humor! :wink:
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Wow ! Is any of it a kit or all scratched?!

Andrew T

The two figures I bought on AliExpress. Everything else is scratch-built.
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So awesome with lots of detail

I remember when there was a discussion about you planning this. You pulled it off way better than I ever imagined it would be. Sensational.

:grin: Thanks! Great ego boost! :smile_cat:
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