Wespe Italian Front 1944

It’s been a while since I posted something My work to introduce this time is Tamiya Wespe Italian Front version, and I decorated it with some weathering work and additional product. I think camouflage expression is still difficult, so I added the effect with basic painting and oil paint. Please give us your opinion. Thank you.

Have a great day😃


I like it!
I’m finishing up the original version myself.
Aren’t those figures nice?!

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Mr. Clark, excellent work, just from the few pics, I really like it!

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I was very satisfied. I look forward to your completion

Thank you so much for your kind words~

Nice looking build Michael. There is some very nice weathering all over in various places. The Shells and the brass parts along with the shell detailing look great as do the figures the uniform insignia. Are they kit decals or aftermarket ?

Edit - I meant the uniform markings ??

Thank you so much for looking good~

Decals were purchased and applied at the Aftermarket. :grin:

Answer your question : Yes right :+1:

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Very nice build! the figures looks great.

Thank you so much