West German M47 Color

Hello group, sorry about this “snapshot” question. I’m sure it’s been answered many times but I’ve just got a minute to ask for some information.

A friend is building a West German M-47. I think it should be painted something like dunkel gelb oliv? A dark olive green? Whatever color it should be painted, who makes the best color? Tamiya? Vallejo? MiG?

Thanks for the input. Fred

Would this color suffice

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Chaps, not green at all, not even a hint; more of a brown olive and it’s known as Gelboliv (yellow olive).

Revell do such in their enamel range and I think also in their acrylic range. For my Bundeswehr vehicles I find that the Revell shade - accurate to the real thing as it is - is just too dark on a 1:35 model, therefore I recommend Tamiya XF-51 Khaki Drab, probably best shown here on my Leopard 1A1 under construction:


I don’t think your friend will be disappointed.


Fred, the tone is RAL 6014 Gelboliv and as Brian said, Revell has it in their Aqua range with No. 42. If it’s too dark for your friend than he might go with what Brian suggests. I was always happy with the Revell choice on my Leopard 1. Sorry, no photo as I’m still on holidays.


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I used the AK Real Color Gelb Oliv on my Leopard a few years back

Of course when it was completed, not much was visible


Gentleman, thank you for your input.

@Torsen, I did not know you built clanky tanky models. Is that to give your Ju-87G something to shoot at? :wink:

Have a good holiday.


Just to throw a spanner in the works, when the BW took delivery the M47s wore US OD, and it took a while to get them repainted! (Lobs grenade, shuts door, runs…)


i use gune olive drab asnother nato tanks

This is the Revell color.


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olive drab… as other nato army…