Westland Wasp & Scout Released | AeroScale

LF Models has released in 1:72 scale a plastic injected Scout AH.1 and a Wasp HAS.1

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://aeroscale.net/news/westland-wasp-scout-released

When I saw this my heart leapt, then I realised the scale!

I would just love a Scout in 1:35.

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Just keep praying Brian, it must happen one day, after all Accurate Armour did give us a 1/35 Lynx Mk 7 … :thinking:

I hope so! It was the first helicopter I’d ever flown in, though purely as a passenger; it took place at the end of one of the interminable Command Post Exercises we indulged in. The Army Air Corps decided to give flying jollies around the exercise area so I dutifully queued up and awaited my turn. The thing is, there were no rear doors and no seats, so I just buckled myself in and held on for dear life, my condition not helped by the fact that the pilot thought he should show us what the aircraft could do.

It was nearly time to change my combat trousers at the end of that.

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So you think I’m mad going gliding … I love flying but even I would hesitate at being taken aloft in a small helicopter with no doors, by an AAC pilot!
Actually … it does sound fun!

Fun? Well, I suppose it was in an adrenalin-is-coloured brown sort of way.

Years later as it happened, I became almost blasé about flying in helicopters; in Bosnia-Herzegovina I went everywhere by rotary wing - I simply had to, I couldn’t have done my job any other way, but I do consider myself very fortunate; it was nearly always a thrill. Fast forward a few more years and ditto in Iraq - I was very lucky.

As you may well know, AAC pilots include JNCOs as pilots (much I believe to the chagrin of the RAF) but very professional they are too.

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