What are 'SS Standarten'?

As I was reading through the ranks of the SS as part of my study of the combat history of the 17. SS Panzergrenadier Division, I saw the term SS Standarten pass a few times. I believe it was in the context of personnel or something. I’m wondering what it actually is.

It was a paramilitary branch of the Nazi Party.

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It literally means ‘flag’ as in flag carried by units, organisations, individual commanders et.c.

One example of a standard

In this case it is a roundabout way of saying unit by referring to something which had its own flag (Standarte). The smallest unit that carried its own flag was probably a Standarte.
The Nazis loved their symbols, waving flags, fancy uniforms, pompous names.

In older times military units were sometimes referred to by the nobleman who was their commander. “The Duke of Gloucester has arrived Sir!” meant the whole unit that the Duke was commanding, the Duke and all his soldiers


Wikipedia on Standartenführer:

Standarte equates to regiment, as in a three battalion US type regiment. Hence in the SS the commander, a full colonel is an SS-Standartenfuhrer. In the British army, the equivalent unit would be a brigade.


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