What current paint colors are used for modern Russian warships

Thought I would start here. I picked up the Trumpeter 1/700 Russian cruiser Moskva kit (local events inspired me) and was wondering what would be the recommended colors to use. I search a little to see if some paint company had a set but did not find any. That does not mean they don’t exist but I am a bit Google challenged (go figure since I am in IT). Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

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I would go with soot black or ocean bottom blue.



Some has already used those colors

Sinking the Moskva - Ships / Modern - KitMaker Network

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I would recommend Tamiya XF-19 Sky grey for the side superstructures and Gunze H460 Rotbraun for the deck surfaces.



This is good information. I was wondering about this myself.


Depends on the fleet assigned to. Northern, Baltic, Black, Pacific all use different shades. Москва would have been the Black Sea Fleet color. (Before repainted algae green.) White Ensign use to make all 4. I believe Sovereign Models now makes the paint line. (IJN was the same except the colors were by Navy Yard. As I undrstand it a vessel would be painted the color used by the facility that did the last major overhaul. So a ship built at Kure would have their color until , years later, it was into Yokohama for overhaul and repaint. I believe Lifecolor makes am IJN set.)


We (Sovereign Hobbies) recently discontinued the Russian colours as they were very poor sellers.

With current events sales might pick up. :slight_smile:

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