What does the numbers and chevrons on US modern tanks mean?

Hey guys,

I’m completely confused by the numbers and chevrons on US tanks.

For this one, I know it is a 3ID, 1-64, A company, 3 platoon; and the number “51” on the sideskirt, “1” means A company. But I’m not sure what is the chevron under “51” mean? And what does “5” in “51” means?

I’m really struggled to find those things out as I want to create my own decals. If someone knows, please share and I really appreciate!!





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The echelon below the number indicates the platoon. An upward facing echelon is 1st Platoon, a forward facing echelon is 2nd Platoon and a downward facing echelon is 3rd Platoon. The vehicle number (1-4) is indicated by the two black stripes on the bore evacuator. The headquarters vehicles, A66 & A65, would not have echelons only the 51 markings. I don’t believe that either HQ tanks had the barrel rings.