What Happened to MMiR?

Curious to learn what happened to one of the better Armor model magazines, Military Miniatures in Review, from Ampersand Publications. Great builds, wicked sense of humor added from Pat Standell (?). Number of issues varied each year, as it was bi-monthly when I started around issue 14 or so, then quarterly, then months and months would pass with no issues. The research books from Ampersand seemed to take priority over the MMiR magazines, and that magazine, like old soldiers, just “faded away”. I recall that John “Spud” Murphy took over as Editor for a while, and then reverted back to Pat. I treasure my remaining copies.

All the remaining stock was sold to David Doyle along with all of the various Ampersand titles. I’m pretty sure Pat retained all future publishing rights to MMiR, but I wouldn’t plan on ever seeing it again.

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Yes I loved that mag when it was being produced

It was the only mag to go into detail about the build. All the mags now just give a line like “it builds up fine with a few fiddly bits”. Then we get 7 pages of weathering and paint.

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They did do a nice job going into detail. More like some of the European magazines do today.

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MMiR oh that was a fantastic magazine when it first started. It was a feeding frenzy when it hit the shelf in the local hobby shop. The early days when the magazines were thin and timely always left modelers wanting more, eager for the next issue.

MMiR helped one friend improve his reading comprehenion from ~ 4th grade level to ~ 8th. He’d buy a copy try to read it, then ask for help. The change in him was amazing.

When the magazine became quarterly so of the magic faultered. While the book publishing was cool at first and seemed to took priority and the magazine felt irrelevant.

Pat & company did a fantastic publication.

I think I even have a copy of the last 3 issues, which I think # 63 was the very last. Holding on to it because if be worth a million bucks one day… :smile: Found out soon after I renewed my subscription (approx. 4 months before their demise), that if I wanted a refund, just say so. Well, I said so, no refund EVER appeared. So, while the magazine was great, their bed side manner sux.

I was curious too, great magazine & very witty articles. I’ve only ever had Vol 2 #2 which just says “1995” so is that an early or late issue?

Back then I couldn’t walk past a cover that says “READ AMERICA’S FAVORITE HOBBY MAGAZINE! Then read this one”. There’s a hilarious reply by Pat Stansell on The Mail Sack page trying (and failing) to explain the newly revised subscription system to a confused reader. I don’t know what he was on when he wrote that attempted clarification but I want some. Not so funny for those who lost money though.

Leafing thru…Tamiya M4 Sherman (35190): US$39…….DML Stug 111 B (6008): US$31.50……

This was my favorite magazine and I was lucky enough to collect every issue as well as the Tiger and Jagdpanzer books. I still enjoy reading them from time to time. It is a real shame that they are no longer publishing any issues. It really sucks when a great magazine like this goes under.

I still think this has easily been the best modelling mag produced, then or now. Have every issue and special issue Pat ever published. Wish someone would produce something similar.

“I was curious too, great magazine & very witty articles. I’ve only ever had Vol 2 #2 which just says “1995” so is that an early or late issue?”

Vol 2#2 was the sixth of 63 issues (not counting the test issue), which makes it rather early.

Perth Military Modelling

The above website was every bit as good on kit reviews and very active until 2019
It’s well worth a look if one liked MMiR.

Yes Perth was excellent I recall.

Yes, Perth was and is still a good site, but Terry has essentially stopped updating it. I believe he’s using FB now.