What Happened To The Saladins?

It seems as if they were all exported, mainly to the Mideast. Did they get used in Britain itself?

I actually thought of using one as a UNIT vehicle of Dr. Who, now that I found that a 1/35 Fourth Doctor figure is available. The TV shows feature use of Land Rovers and personal weapons by UNIT members, but I wonder if a Saladin could have been sneaked over to them, since presumably UNIT would get second-line equipment compared to the rest of the British military. I thought of the line where the Brigadier says, “Just for once I’d like to see an alien menace which was not immune to bullets”, and the Saladin could fire something bigger but could be concealed unlike, say, a tank.

Although not part of Great Britain but rather the UK, the Saladin did see some limited service in Northern Ireland.

Operation Motorman, Derry 1972 :



German BGS Bundes Grenz Schutz used them.
Perfec Scale Modellbau did an update/conversion/correctin set for the newer DML kit

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