What heavy tractors do after retirement

I’m reading an old issue of Charge Utile (French magazine about trucks, title could be translated as ‘Payload’). This one is about the Belgian company Transports Jonet and they, like many others, used surplus US trucks/tractors, usually after modifying them.


In some cases the M26 got a new cabin or they inserted windows in the armour plate infront of the driver and co-driver. The armoured cabin added weight so the need for ballast to get good traction was partially covered by the cabin

Some others.
Soft top, almost original. New headlights repositioned to under the bumper

New cabin (simplistic) and presumably also a new engine

A face only a mother could love


The first one makes me want another Renwal kit! And that last one - what were they thinking? Still it looks interesting enough to be worth a scratch-build…

The ‘state-of-the-art’ in motor vehicle esthetics in the late 50’ies and into the 60’ies makes me wonder what kind of substances they were using.
The US produced some strange creations but the French also had some wild designs.

Fantastic pics Robin. The M65 tractor is definitely unique.
If you don’t already have them, the four volumes of Frituur Zorro are a great source of pictures for post war usages of all manner of trucks.

Thanks for the tip!

Found some images from one of the books. All that info would cause acute hyper detailing syndrome :wink: :rofl:

Maybe they haul retired hulks like this as well.

I had the same thought, except I already have the old Renwal kit. Even with the new 1/35 Atomic Annie I can’t bring myself to bin it.

A few more modern examples…


M911 C-HET

M1070 HETS

The corrugated sheet metal cab of the one in Robin’s original post last picture is the " trademark" of the coachbuilder Fernand Genève. Here’s another example, the Ford Cargo :

which was the forerunner of the military Simca Cargo :

Shameless plug to a related 18-page long thread on the old forum :wink:


Nice set of photographs guys.

As to 50’s and 60’s aesthetics, where are the shark fins and curved windscreens? :rofl:

It is amazing how old military equipment gets repurposed and sometimes in the most ingenious ways.

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