WHAT IF: 1/72 Airfix/Fujimi Supermarine Sprayfire Mk.I

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Supermarine Sprayfire Mk.I
Long Range U-boat Patrol Squadron 777, Kirkwall, Scotland. 1943

I know they had the dual float Spit, but I have always thought the single centerline float to, at least appear, more elegant. I had the leftover waterline float parts for a Fujimi F1M2 Pete, and have a penchant for floatplanes and a wacky imagination. I did a quick Google search, and the only image I see in this configuration is a weak Photoshop try by a “WarThunder” game fan. I also did a quick search on weight. Empty weights are similar. You would have to shave some weight off of the Spit, I believe, to make this possible. Less Guns, More wood components, etc. The Landing gear and associated mechanisms versus The float would be a wash, weight wise, probably?? Enjoy!!

Spitfire spec



That’s a really cool conversion and a really nice looking bird. Well done!

Oh come on! I was hyped by the name thinking it was a fire bomber conversion! Looks good though. Maybe I should try a fire bomber version…hmmmm…

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