What if: Fw 190 "TL" in 1/48 scale

Hi mates!

My latest creation is a so-called “What if”.

Based on a design from 1942, I fitted a Fw 190 A-5 with a jet engine.

The plan was to replace the original BMW piston engine with a jet turbine developed by Focke-Wulf. The exhaust jet was to be discharged over the fuselage surface on both sides and below the cockpit.

Purely mathematically, speeds of up to 752 km/h near the ground and 824 km/h at an altitude of 9000 m were planned for this 190 “TL”.

The armament consisted (planned) of two MG 151 and two MG 17.

One of many paper projects that were never implemented.

I think this project was a pretty strange idea. Personally, I wouldn’t have wanted to sit in the cockpit while the exhaust jet whizzed past on both sides and below the cockpit. Presumably warm clothing would have been unnecessary even at peak height… :laughing:
I can also imagine that with the long and heavy nose, at least landing would have been a challenge.

I used a Fw 190 A-5 from Dragon as the basis for this project. A rather suboptimal decision, as the Dragon 190s already have a few fit weaknesses.

The jet engine is an add-on set (3D printing) from “Enhance Models”, a company owned by a model maker friend of mine.
The turbine consists of three parts, is cleanly printed and fits together perfectly.
The assembly instructions show exactly where on the model you should separate the piston engine and attach the jet turbine. This was surprisingly easy. Of course, you can’t avoid a bit of filling and sanding when fitting. But it’s all no whitchcraft.

Such fictitious model projects have the advantage of being able to work quite freely and, to a certain extent, in one’s own interpretation.
For me it was to be an unarmed test machine. I based it on the Fw 190 V18 “Känguru”.

The color scheme was RLM 02 complete with the turbine in metal.

Colors from Revell, Tamiya and Mr.Hobby (Gunze) were used.

Moderate weathering with an oil paint wash, a little dry painting and I sprayed on the exhaust jet tracks with “Jet Exhaust” from Alclad.

Etched harness from Airmodel, craft wire as brake hoses and stretchy yarn as antenna wire were other accessories.

The display is quite simply a tree disk onto which I glued a self-printed concrete runway graphic. A little scattered grass as greenery on the edge.

The figures come from a set from Tamiya (partly ICM inside) and are painted with Revell’s Aqua Colors.

Stefan :blush:


Thats a Very well-done build on an Interesting what if topic.

? jet engines normally have a large exhaust outlet to the rear.


See the article at Focke Wulf Fw 190 Strahljäger (Jet Fighter) | Plane-Encyclopedia for information on the almost certainly paper design; there are claims that a single aircraft was built, but the photograph displays lighting and construction inconsistencies suggesting that it’s a model.

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Thats absolutely brilliant, I wonder what it would sound like? And I’ll bet it would get mighty hot in the cockpit.

Really nicely done and a very complete look at what if…:clap::clap::clap:


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