What is this box?

Comes with Meng’s M4A3E2 kit.

It’s some kind of metal ammo box. Empty ones were frequently used for storage containers.
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Looks like a British ammo box. Not likely to be found on a Sherman Jumbo, as those were all US.

Here’s a pic of the box on a Jumbo-

Looks like you already had the answer… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No, I still don’t know what the box is.

I see the picture of the JUMBO but where is the box? On a side note I remember seeing this tank when I was stationed in Vilseck from1992-1995.

Front slope

This tank has been in many Karsenes over the years-it was in Erlangen (where I was) before Vilseck.

It’s a salvaged British metal ammo box. Could be the one used for the 2" bomb thrower (looks about right for that), but if you measured the kit box and converted those dimensions to full size, 1:1, you could probably find the exact box type and original use(s).

On a US tank, it almost certainly just contains some sort of crew stores. Beyond that, you could speculate that the crew items stored were either some individual’s kit or perhaps collective crew kit like scavenged cooking gear, etc.

If still in its original British colors (and repainting a box picked up from the side of the road seems rather remote), it would be in either the standard British ordnance brown (“dog turd brown”) with yellow lettering or bronze-green, also with yellow lettering.

Google “British ammo box FSC B167” for some pictures.


C238 Ammoo box, British origin, used for 6pdr/75mm ammo

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Thanks much.
I’m impressed that the kit came with the box to match the famous photo.

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Looks like this is the box-

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Looks like we have ourselves a winner.