What I've built since I started building cars again

Thought I would post a few pics of what I have built automotive-wise since I began building kits again. I am not counting my military vehicles from my WWII collection as I approach those differently. This is strictly 1/24-1/25 stuff.

AMT '57 Chevy Bel Air. My first completed car since 1994.

No. 2, the AMT '70 Corvette

An article about this kit spurred me to build one. AMT Scirocco.

Revell Dodge Super Bee.

For my wife, the car that served as our limo to the reception, the '94 Nissan Pathfinder

For my daughter who watched Supernatural, the '67 Impala 4-door

And this afternoon, the '65 Pontiac GTO convertible

This is everything since last October.


Busy guy ! Nice work and looks like fun .

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Now that’s a pretty awesome collection for just 6 months work, and even more so if you’ve been building Armor at the same time.

My favorite is the Super Bee followed by the Pontiac GTO.


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Great collection of classic cars! (I am sure one day somebody with think the Nissan Pathfinder was a classic :grinning:)

Very nice collection. Wish I could be this productive :grin:

Thanks for the replies; I appreciate it. Just so you know, my wife bought me five Mustang kits when she was in Hobby Lobby during a 40% day; plus I already had a '65 Shelby 350, so expect to see a bunch of those coming up.

I currently have a '59 El Camino partially started.

Usually, the Lobby’s 40% discount only applies to one regularly priced item. However, it is a wonderful tribute to your wife and how much she wants you out of her way. How do you make fabric interiors look like fabric?

Now that’s dedication to building a lot of awesome bench time. Terrific looking collection of your latest work.