What kind of tank is this?

T-90MS or T-64BV? What extras have been added to it?

64 is the only Russian tank that has a searchlight on the left of the main gun.

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Judging by the road wheels I’d say a T-64.

The T-64 roadwheels are also a giveaway (when they can be seen, the searchlight doesn’t get covered in mud so often …)
T-64 wheels:

T-72 & T-90 wheels


I agree with the previous statements. For a better look, I offer a photo of the same tank from a slightly different angle.


Not quite… the initial batch of T-72 Urals had the main gun IR searchlight on the left as well, along with a small IR light on the right side. Just look at the tracks on this one to confirm that it is a T-72 and not a T-64.

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That is a very rare beast.

Yes, those were very rare!

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The other ID visuals other than the ones mentioned already, are the double row of ERA on the front of the turret, the larger gunners sight, the commanders cupola and its large MG ammo box, the command box in front of said cupola, not so evident is that the ERA layout on the front is different as is the ERA on the skirts
The T 90MS is a totally different kettle of fish

If they can been seen, (like it was said above,) are the small roadwheels… Instant giveaway to what it is … It’s then just getting down to the variant . The wheels were one of our main AFV recognition points …


You might recall John, the same recognition poster as me - US in origin - which graced many a lecture room wall and showed the differences; how I longed to steal one!

Though I wasn’t modelling during my service, I yearned for a T-64, and was rewarded around 20 years later when Skif burst on to the scene.


The smoke grenades dischargers are also a giveaway. Only the T-64 has two banks of four tubes on the left side of the turret.


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The tracks are those of a T-64, it is the only type with visible holes. The ERA blocks on the turret are disposed on one line. The small road wheels are those of T-64. It is surely a T-64.

What kit do you think this is? I think Trumpeteer is the only one who makes a T-64BV. What has been added to the kit?

Ya know , I think I might have one of those posters. We had them all over our barracks in Germany back in the day. I remember swiping one……

The T-64 thing for me is kinda weird; I think it may have been a mix of seriousness, my youth, and the realisation that being in the Army and the Cold War was actually pretty consequential stuff.

I couldn’t help but notice the efforts made in the intelligence world nor the striving of my Int Corps brethren, and it all rubbed off on me, so not an affection for the beast but rather I suppose the residing memories of the threat and the inherent capabilities thereof.

So, after all that, one of my favourite tanks!