What Paint To Use For 1/48 Landing Gear?

Since I am retired now, I thought I would attack my stash of Cold War era 1/48 aircraft. What I was wondering is what color paint to use on the landing gear? I will be using AK wash after. I tried Tamiya steel and aluminum but they don’t seem right to me. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Liquid Molotow pen.

Liquid Molotow is some marvelous stuff, I’ve only used it once and I’m wondering does the paint harden on the fiber tip? is there a way to clean it if it hardens?

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If you have an airbrush I am a firm believer it is hard to beat Alclad for spraying metallic colors

I’ve had some Molotow pens for almost a year between using. The paint has not dried the tip, and the paint still flows after a couple of presses on the tip. I would still rather to be able to apply it by brush to be able to get it into small corners, etc.
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Excellent! Glad to hear that, it makes for great looking hydraulic cylinder pusher thingys LOL :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I believe the tip just pulls out and you can dump the liquid chrome out.

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You could try Mirror, which is supposed to be the world’s most reflective chrome paint. It might not be so reflective after a wash from AK so you could try it. It is a bit pricey, though.
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Depends on the aircraft type and nationality. Colors can vary from white or all sorts of grays, to silver/aluminum lacquers.