What products to purchase to organize my airbrush bench?

Good day,

I’m looking for some products to organize my airbrush workspace.

Here is a photo of how my current setup is looking:

I’m mainly looking at products to organize my workbench/table.
Things like racks or organizers.
With the ideal situation being that not only my bottles of varnish, thinner, primer and retarder can stand in.
But also all of my other stuff.
Like the bottle of alcohol standing next to the ultrasonic.
And the spare parts of the airbrush and everything else you see on the left.

And the same I would like to have on the right side.
One of my own thoughts/ideas was to have something with elevations.
Something like this: Bottles Module # Hobby Zone oms05u - Modelbouw Krikke
Not exactly this product, but the idea of the elevating/leveling of things.

Possibly something that also can carry my ultrasonic cleaner on it.
But I don’t know if that would be a good idea with the vibrations of the device and the safety of it all.

I would love to talk about this with you and to get ideas.
And help maybe to eventually realize a really clean, zen looking workspace.
Which is also efficient and easy to run.

Have a great day and week,


That’s a nice set up actually Artemis. Keeping things simple and organized does help so you’re not wasting time searching for something. My modeling time is limited so I try to keep things I need close at hand.
How about putting up some kind of shelving on one of those walls to store things etc?

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There are many paint racks for sale online, you’ll just have to decide which one will fit your paint bottles and other products.

Hehe. IKEA table. I recognize the Mittback Trestles. Not knocking it. Solid work surface, those trestles are solid wood. :+1:

@metalhead85 Thank you for commenting on my topic, I’m really happy you’ve taken some of your limited time to help me out with this question.

I’m flattered by the compliment you’re giving me about my current setup. Some other guy on my subreddit gave me a compliment on my setup to. So thank you to. It tells me I already have organised everything really good. But that I’m just looking to bring it to the top notch level.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. When I’m happy I’m happy and that’s the point when I actually settle with the setup.

I’m actually planning to put two shelves on the wall under the AC unit with my dad helping me out. To put my kits on. And like you are also suggesting my dad to gave me the suggestion to put some things on the lower shelve and to store my kits on the upper shelve.

So this is giving me again the confirmation that it is a really good idea if multiple people are suggesting this.

I’m discovering that my modeling time is pretty scarce as well. And I’m starting to make choices and decisions to get the max out of that scarce bench time. And to waste minimal time and effort on ‘pointless’ extra work with less quality kits. Like the Italeri Sd. Kfz. 234/2 Puma kit I’m working on. Or the AFC Club Sd. Kfz. 11 I’ve made is another good example of a lot of unncessary extra work a kit could give me. Wasting valuable enjoyment, time and effort on a kit.

Where do I find these paint racks? How do I decide which one is suited for the job? And how do I decide which one looks the best? Remember, I don’t know anything about this. And I’m completely new to doing these things all by myself. So every bit of help is welcoming.

I could talk even more with you, but I keep it like this for now. If you’re up for it and if you’d like it. We could private chat here if you want to. Because we might have more in common than you might think.

@SableLiger Thank you, I like your comment. You could say I’m an Ikea fanboy. Because I like it to put those things together. It gives me a lot of satisfacion afterwards, in comparison to buying ready made furniture that is probably more expensive.

And the other thing I like about Ikea is the simplicity and minimalistic look of the furniture they are selling. And I always enjoy it to visit the shop with my parents. Spending a whole day there, coming home afterwards with a feeling of satisfactoriness.

Thank you for taking the time to comment. And thank you if you’ve made it all the way to the end of my comment with reading. And I wish you a wonderful day.

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No worries. I’m a bit of an Ikea fanboy myself. Make nay with their IVAR shelves, where I put all my models on display. :+1:

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Adding a couple of shelves or wall shelves is a good idea to keep everything tidy and at hand.
To store less used items you can get large plastic boxes.
For paints and small stuff you already know Hobby Zone -their website has a nice designer to see how your desk may look Modular Workshop System

Another alternative is LMG from Urakine:

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Little late but search for one of these used for nail polish etc
Uploading: image.jpg…

My late wife found it on Amazon, very handy.

Your image hasn’t been uploaded yet…

For storing paints, I’ve found that the shelves sold for holding different colors of fingernail polish to be quite good. You can find them in either acrylic or light-wire-mesh construction. You can also find them constructed flat for mounting to the wall or as stand-alone tiered construction that will stand on your desk/bench.

Myself, I prefer the acrylic wall mounted types that allow me to see the colors of the paints and which don’t take up any benchtop space. Keeping as much room/space available on my benches is always my goal for arranging storage, so I usually look at wall-mounted shelves and shelves that stand alone on the floor next to my work benches.

Looking at your current setup, you might find it frees up some desk space if you move the large bottles down to one of the lower shelves on the legs. This is what I do with my own large bottle and cans of thinners - I keep them off my work surface and stored on shelves under my benchtop, bringing them out as needed and then putting them back.

I have an ultra-sonic cleaner in my studio, but I keep that on a separate shelf when I’m not using it. (I clean my airbrush by hand while waiting for the project just painted to dry enough to handle, remove the masking, etc.)

I’ll post up a couple of “happy snaps” of my own painting bench a bit later. (Gotta run right now to take care of some outside chores before it starts raining today.)

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