What pulls a Cold War-era 25-pounder?

I am currently in the process of doing a (1:144th) 25-pounder, specifically for the Cold War (and onwards) period, (as opposed to WW2).

I am having some difficulty in working out what sort of vehicle would be towing them in this period, since the C8 quads were retired early in the period. Wikipedia suggests it would be something like the Bedford RL truck (which is surprisingly hard to get data on), but I figured that it was worth asking to see if anyone could point me in the right direction.

I’m thinking particular of British forces, but am open to other forces as well, as the gun was used quite widely until really quite recently.

I’ve only found some info on the usage of the gun in the Malaysian emgergency and Indonesia, where US 2,5 tonne GMC’s appear to have been used. As for other countries using the gun, I guess you need a place and time frame to do specific search…

I found a little. The Paras used jeeps to tow their 25 Pdr’s post war, in Korea, the Canadians had US made Deuce and a Half’s, but I did come across this for British Army Bedfords


The Dutch used a Daf YA 328 for example:

Bedford RL (195? ) :

Morris C8 in Korea :


Funnily enough, my own google searches had found (and filed away in my sources text document) the page Stikpusher linked and the image Frenchy posted - which seem perhaps the only sources on the internet on the Bedford RL, it would seem!

What was very depressing was that there is a comparative wealth of information on the YA 328 - go figure - which would make that at the very least a back-up candidate if I start pulling my hair out over the Bedford RL.

It depends on the time frame, country operating it, etc.

Some Morris C8 were in service towing British 25 pounders in Malaya and Korea.

Canadian 2RCHA Nov 1950 had Chevrolet CMP Quad:

Date Unknown:

1960’s ish:

NZ also used a Ford in Korea:

Certainly in the late 40s when an uncle of mine was undergoing National Service Quads and limbers still ruled. I suspect sometime into the late 50s they might have changed to the Bedford RL or the early Land Rover long wheelbase versions. I remember both in around the mid 60s at the Royal Artillery annual display known as Larkhill Day. Although replaced by the 105mm Pack Howitzer in (I think) the early 60s, (remembering that new kit takes an age to equip every last unit) the 25 Pdr soldiered on in the TA regiments and I suspect those were the ones I saw at these displays.

I have actually found quite some pictures of the Bedford RL? What info are you missing?