What ships accompanied the Hornet on the Doolittle raid?

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Just curious as to what ships went with the Hornet on the Doolittle raid. Are they available as models? Thanks to any who willing to help.
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Ships of Doolittle Raid
From article

The carriers Hornet and Enterprise , fourteen other U.S. Navy ships made up the raid task force, which was led by Vice Admiral William F. Halsey and designated Task Force 16. Three were heavy cruisers, Salt Lake City (CA-25), Northampton (CA-26) and Vincennes (CA-44). USS Nashville (CL-43) was a light cruiser. The eight destroyers were Balch (DD-363), flagship of Captain Richard L. Conolly’s Destroyer Squadron Six, Benham (DD-397), Ellet (DD-398), Fanning (DD-385), Grayson (DD-435), Gwin (DD-433), Meredith (DD-434) and Monssen (DD-436). Vital members of the long-range team were the oilers Cimarron (AO-22) and Sabine (AO-25).

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Thank you for your response and information. That is a much larger group than I would have thought. I never realized there was a second carrier.
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The 2nd carrier had to provide air cover,as the Hornet deck had the B-25’s and couldn’t launch fighters

As far as model availability, what scale are you interested in?

A quick search finds all the capital ships and the oilers in 1/700 (I just didn’t search for the destroyers) - some are resin. I imagine a more detailed search would find everything (except possibly the oilers) in plastic although you might have to do some work getting them into the correct configuration for the spring of 42.

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The second carrier makes perfect sense but for some reason I was thinking they wanted the task force to be as small as possible to help reduce the chance of detection. I was watching something about the raid on dvd and they did mention that two of the cruisers were responsible for sinking the Japanese fishing trawler. I was amazed that there were the number of ships mentioned in Sky King’s response.

I would be looking for kits in 1/350. For some reason I am thinking that Trumpeter might have an Enterprise in that scale. I do already have the Hornet and thought it might be nice to have a couple of the other ships that accompanied her on the mission.
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My apologies to Armor_Buff. I credited his response to another member. Sorry Armor_Buff. Got my forums confused.
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Now worries:)

As a side note, I’ll point out the other carrier CV-6 the USS Enterprise has an incredible combat record in WW2, an unmatched history and a fascinating ship.

There many amazing ships to read about from this famous raid.

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Thanks for understanding. I usually build armor kits but a few weeks ago at a garage sale I found a book on battleships by Janes and that renewed an interest in ships. It is about all of the battleships of the twentieth century. As you stated about the Enterprise there are some very interesting facts about those vessels.
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There is an Osprey book out on the Doolittle raid that’s not bad

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Thanks for the information. Do you know what the title is?
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Until I read this I hadn’t realized how VERY impottant the oilers were

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Thanks for the link for the book. I appreciate it.
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