What size of tubing

So I have the 1/48 Hawker Hunter FGA-9, that I’m wanting to replace the exhaust outlets? in the bottom of the fuselge with copper pieces, but I don’t know the correct size I need. Any ideas ? Or anyone who knows what size I would need. I can provide pictures of the parts if needed.

Measure the kit parts and then buy the closest size Albion brass tubing.


Thanks. They are REALLY Small.

Sprue Brothers:: Albion Slide-Fit Tubing #1

Sprue Brothers:: Albion Slide-Fit Tubing #2

There are more offerings that are graduated larger in 0.1mm increments. There are also a number of different vendors that sell Albion tubing, Sprue Bothers is just one. You can also find the tubing on Amazon and other places.

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For really small tubing you can cut sections of hypodermic needles. I have an assortment of different sizes.
One example:


Oh yea, but my days of raiding the team medic’s M5 bag have long, long since been over! LOL!

Thanks, I actually was able to go and visit a Hobby Town store yesterday, during a business trip that I had to take and found what I was looking for. So that’s been taken care of.

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Oh WOW Very Cool. Yeah I had to take a business trip out of Town yesterday to Dallas Tx. While I was thier, I visited a Hobby Town store that I’m familiar with and purchased some metal tubing they had in stock. So I have what I’ve been needed now I just have to measure and cut the pieces I need for the job.