What the postman brought today (AeroScale)

And some early martin-baker resin seats arrived in the mail…

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Jake the tail-sitter needs some attention.:man_lifting_weights:

‘Fishing Sinker Weights’

‘Soft Flexible Tape Weights (w/adhesive backing)’

—mike :grin::hammer_and_wrench:


we can’t live without it!

This week’s arrival… :grin: (of course I had to say to the missus, oh no, that’s an old kit just lying around here)


I’ve never seen a F-105 like the bottom one, very cool

Extremely rare Can-O-Peas arrived from an eBay seller located in Louisiana.

“Last one!” I must be the only one on the planet to own this set now.

‘Falcon 1/72 Clear-Vax Set #18 – Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force WWII (Part 1)’

They look really good. I feel kinda’ bad having to cut into them. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: … I’ll get over it! :hocho: :laughing:

Wait a minute! I only need ‘Aichi E13A1 “Jake.”’ Does this mean I have to buy the other kits as well? :thinking:

フライネイビー! :saluting_face: :jp:


Magic 8 Ball says yup .

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Said I had something planned for that KA-25. Well, the decals arrived yesterday.


Thunder Model 32002 US Army Bomb Trailer Mark 2


I had a rare resin conversation and a decals to build a fully detailed build of a MH-60M in 1/35. A good friend of mine who used to be part of those boys w/ black uniforms that fly those black choppers in blackest of the nights. Well, he found out what I had and he told his family…

He drove down from Reno while driving to Mendocino and gave me 2 for 1 deal. And that was that…:rofl:


From an eBay seller in California. …:email: :mailbox_closed:

Dead Design 1/72 Aichi E13A “JAKE” Canopy Paint Mask Hasegawa Kit

From the instructions.

フライネイビー! :saluting_face: :jp:


Cool! Must get a set for mine.
I used their masks for my F-105 recently and they fit perfectly.

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Resin IJN carrier deck display base in 1/72.
Simple, but should look quite nice when painted with a Zero sat on it.


Very nice! I have a 1/48 IJN flight deck base like that! Very useful for photos or model shows.


That’s what I was thinking, sets the place better than a plain background. Think it would probably fit an Aichi Val comfortably. A Kate might be pushing it unless you folded the wings.

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Much anticipated mail day. These Hypersonic NF-104A kits are amazing. So much better than any resin upgrade set I’ve seen.

The X-2 is from eBay.


It will be nice to see if he upscaled his NF-104A parts into 1/32. I’ll be sure to grab a set then.

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Another. Planning to build the early X-planes.

Scott Crossfield became the first man to fly faster than Mach 2 while flying the Skyrocket.