What the postman brought today (AeroScale)

That looks cool, what is it made of - wood, styrene, metal?

Hi Michael - all injection styrene. I wood have liked to do one of Hasegawa’s 1/8 multi media Camel kits - wood, metal , styrene but they are rare and expensive but more importantly too big for me to display.
I hope to have my iPad problems solved before I begin.
Thanks- Richard

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What scheme are you thinking about building? Both China Lake schemes look appealing to me.

Not sure yet - there’s also two aggressor birds that are tempting

Kit decals are interesting too


Awesome! Can’t wait to see what you do with this one Richard. One of my club mates built this kit a while back and it super impressive.

Cheers, D


Wow ! Beautiful job and something to aspire to…
Thanks D . I’ve just begun the Wingnut Wings Albatros DVa - the big Camel will come next .
Cheers- Richard

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Havent been building a lot,but still buying,this arrived today,a anniversary gift fro Scalehobbyist


Happy Airversary! :gift:

—mike :smile:

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These arrived from eBay…

‘Alexen Models Corrosion and Stain Template Leakage Spray Plate’

For better clarity, I’ve included the following images from their eBay site:

No. FG-AJ0056

No. FG-AJ0057

No. FG-AJ0058

No. FG-AJ0059

Note: I have no affiliation with any vendors.

—mike …:paintbrush:


Nice. I just got the Uschi version of these myself. Anxious to try them


Those are really nice stencils ,
Like the fact that they are metal as well .
I have a couple of them and use the heck out of them for mottling a base coat for Camouflage on Airplanes .


Greetings from the wheelie trackie side of the house.

Aircraft are my favorite kind of model but they are difficult to paint so I avoid them. When Border started releasing 1/35 scale aircraft, I began to wonder if the impossible might be possible. When my very favorite plane showed up cheap on eBay…well…I bought it.

I am reluctant to start this for fear or failing really horribly badly. Practicing with some 1/72 scale aircraft seems wise so I may do that.


Oh, they are not that bad to paint, Doug, especially if you have a splinter camo like on the Ju 87. You just need a bit of masking paper. A mottling camo as on Bf 109 or Fw 190 is sure a bit tricky. Here’s my 1/48 Hasegawa Ju 87 …


Uh-oh! … Really good eBay deals on Border kits lately! :smiley:

I’m in somewhat of a similar situation. I’m currently working on a 1/72 wingy-thingy with plans of moving up to 1/35. Don’t know when I’ll get back to building tracks, as the flyboys have gained some serious traction. … Don’t hate me, armor buddies!

—anonymous :grin:


@BlackWidow That is a very nice Stuka! The canopy masking, spinner spiral, splinter camouflage, and tail band look pretty much perfect. Even the edge where the greens meet the light blue is dead straight.

Those things would all be issues for me, especially the canopy. Painting the exhaust stacks, interior, and wheels in the boots will also be challenging. My experience with panel shading, scribing, airplane seam filling, and stringing aerials is almost nil. Hiding goofs under crud and dirt is not really an option with aircraft, especially since I want to build them in near pristine condition. My confidence in successfully executing such a project is a number approaching zero. :flushed:

@justsendit Back in 1999 and 2000, I bought about two dozen 1/72 scale airplanes for the sole purposes of learning to paint models. Over the years, I started a few of those kits but never got very far. Seems logical to use 'em for the intended purpose.

After finishing my current batch of tanks and trucks, it probably makes sense to enter the Hanger Queen campaign with some of those very old projects.


These are RAD! So much potential in so many realms.

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Great for making weird Black-Light posters for your Rat-Fink-Weirdos figure dioramas :scream: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :clown_face: :alien:

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Thunder Model - 32004
US TUG CLARKTOR 6, MILL-44 The Heaviest Duty Airfield Tractor - Dual Rear Wheels


Doug, do you know my build blog about the Stuka? This is the way how I built it. Maybe it’s of some help for you. Have a look if you like. Post 547 to 610 in this thread:
Torsten’s bench works - Aircraft / World War II - KitMaker Network


Thank you for the link!

I find it interesting that you paint parts while still attached to the sprue tree. You are the third of fourth person I have seen doing that in the last month or three, always on a model requiring complex detail painting.

Using tape to mask areas before sanding is a good technique and one I had forgotten. It may be wise to invest in some canopy masks like the one you used.

I am still inclined to practice on 1/72 scale aircraft, or perhaps something easy in 1/35 scale, if such a thing exists.

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