What this things called ? Antennas ? Any diagram?

Hey guys/gals,
What are these called ? The thing that I colored red lines. Antennas ? Wires ? Rigging ?
Is there a diagram on how these lines are attached to the ship ?

I’m looking for a completed wire diagram for Admiral Graf Spee. I looked on many search engines under “graf spee rigging diagram” and did not find anything usefull. Maybe wrong keyword ?



Ben, I have the Kagero book with a lot 3D drawings about the Admiral Graf Spee. There is all you need inside for a proper rigging job for your vessel. If you really want to dive deep inside your build this book is very helpful. There are also the different camouflage paintings shown what the ship had in what specific space of time :+1:



P.S: Some cables represent antennas, some are rigging wires. So IMHO you can not go wrong with the term “rigging wires”. Trust an experienced landlubber :sweat_smile:

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Thanks Thomas for the info.
But is there an online resource about this stuff ?

Imported books are expensive to my neck of the woods. Sorry.


Ben I don’t know of any sites specifically with rigging drawings, best I’ve been able to do when looking for drawings is either books or find photos online and try and work from them. Sorry I can’t help further.

Note for Pedantic types!

An antenna (plural: antennae) is self supported structure, such as dish or single whip. An aerial is a suspended wire or cable between two points.

This has of course been screwed with so much over time the the two are now pretty much interchangeable.

Can’t help with the Graf Spee though. There needs to be a nice up-to-date 1:200 kit though.


Maybe some 3D views would help ?


You can open each view in a new tab to enlarge it.



I say antennae more than rigging. I had to learn radio/radar transmission back in my olden days in the Navy. Depending on what frequency you were using depended on the length of the antenna (you remember all those radio towers when AM radio rulled). It has been a long time but depending on what freq. you were using will determine the length you need for your antenna. Look at the chain home towers the UK used in the BoB. I am sure the ships were using different radios freq. etc etc so all those wires everywhere are for the different radios/transmitters. Please be advised it has been a long time I had to deal with transmitting/receiving (back then ham radio operators).
Hope this helps

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