What time period does this Merkava cover?


Hello everyone, I was wondering what time period does this version cover?

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First produced in 2004, according to Wikipedia.

Yes, I saw that, thank you, but up to what year in this configuration? Just wondering what conflict I can choose for it. Is it still being used today in Gaza?

This tank have some features like loader’s hatch and heavy duty side skirts which were added later. This is not initial version from 2004. This configuration better fit to 2008 and operation “Cast Lead” and also is in use in current conflict in Gaza.


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To add to what Barthass has correctly pointed out the kit includes the earlier side skirts and the armored roof cover for the loader’s hatch. One has to use lots of references to do a properly timed build.

Out of the box the best timeframe choice, as already mentioned, is 2008-2010 and Operation Cast lead.

With some TLC and without after market one can build a very nice model and fairly accurate.


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