What to use to strip paint from a car body

I painted a Revell Jeep Rubicon body with a Krylon rattle can and the paint didnt come out right so what can i use to saftly strip the paint so i can repaint it
Any recommendations?

I’m not sure what type of paint Krylon is - lacquer perhaps ? Enamel ?
Acrylic paint can be removed with denatured alcohol without harming plastic .
I have used this with success for both paint and chrome on plastic .
Others have used oven cleaner.
As always when trying something new , test first in a small unseen area or better yet , on a test mule .
HTH - Richard

Easy Off oven cleaner works great. Place the model into a large zip-loc baggie and spray the Easy Off inside the bag, a lot of it, don’t go easy. Seal the bag up and let it sit for about 24 hours. Take it out of the bag and rinse it off. The paint should be gone or rub/peel of with a little pressure. If there are any stuck areas, use an old toothbrush to scour it off. It works great every time. It will also strip chrome off plastic parts.

Try automotive brake fluid, Recommended years ago by a long-gone hobby shop. It works.

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Super Clean is the way I go,no muss no fuss

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My go to paint stripped for is cheap Denature Alcohol that I buy at Home Depot. I save the oven cleaner for just stripping chrome plating as it’s pretty nasty stuff, so I only spray the parts in a container out in garage with the door open. And I wear cheap household rubber gloves.


Tamiya paint stripper. Not cheap, but it works.

Brake fluid I have yet to try; have heard it works wonders though.