What type of boat is this US Navy captain's gig?

Does anyone know what type of boat this US Navy captain’s gig is? Looking for the official designation please.

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Usually the designation is length and the use of the boat e.g. 40ft personnel boat, 6m rigid hull inflatable boat

I fou d the nstm for small craft and boats, maybe this can help, it has a table with all navy boats:


I think that is called 26’ personnel boat (enclosed top).


There is more to look at here Boats of the United States Navy - Boats of the United States Navy

A google search for USN 26’ PE showed something similar. It seems to be a generic rating. The specific boat harder to find.

Unfortunately, the picture is labeled “Boat Cradle”, not identifying the boat, but the picture at the top of page 39 of S9086-TX-STM-010 is the same type as in your picture.

With regard to Tank_1812’s link to the boats of the US Navy, the picture looks to be closer to the 36’ Reconnaissance Boat, Mk 2

Could it be a LCPL ( Landing Craft Personnel Large) Mk. 13, like the one below ?

See here : http://uswarships.jounin.jp/lcpl.htm


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No expert so those are possibilities but both seem too long.

I’m no expert either, but the cabin layout on the 26’ personnel boat is quite different…Many features of the LCPL are noticeable in the op picture, like the helmsman’s position, the MG pedestal mount at the rear (I guess that’s what it is…), the cabin profile, the three mooring cleats on each side…

Maybe the shorter look of the boat in the original post is an optical effect ?

The original image is here:

36 foot LCPL

The Captain’s gig has more chrome and trim details but the rest is VERY similar

Captain’s gig on USS Essex, this one has a seat/bench aft, otherwise similar

The pedestal on the aft deck is explained by this image …

Looks like I was wrong about the “rear mount”… :roll_eyes:


About a boats/ships length.
How long is this boat?

or this one?

compared with this small boat

Some walkaround pics of one for sale :



Officer’s GiG

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Thank you for the helpful replies, guys. Definitely helped and I got my question answered.