What wargame did the postman deliver today?

I don’t see a thread on this. If there is, please excuse this one (and point me to the existing one).

I ordered a solitaire game today that should arrive tomorrow. It’s kind of modeling related so I thought I’d post it then, and was looking for a thread.

Nothing by post for a long time (some years!) but I sometimes drop into the local newsagent if there’s something interesting in the current Games Workshop part work (currently WH40K: Imperium); availability is irregular but I’m only picking up stuff that can be built as a stand-alone static model, form part of a diorama or has conversion potential. I’ll also pick up the occasional “Wargames Illustrated” if it as an interesting cover mount (usually a sample of the latest-released “Warlord Games” plastic).



I’m not going to build a 4 engine bomber for the really big plane group build, but I am mindful that 80 years ago this month, the first B-17 missions of the USAF were flown. I small beginning. And I was thinking about this and thought about how it might be fun to play this game.


These arrived the other day, I’ve cleaned up most and begun painting.
They are for the fantasy naval game Armada by Mantic games

Stock photo

and the start I’ve made

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