What wargame did the postman deliver today?

I don’t see a thread on this. If there is, please excuse this one (and point me to the existing one).

I ordered a solitaire game today that should arrive tomorrow. It’s kind of modeling related so I thought I’d post it then, and was looking for a thread.

Nothing by post for a long time (some years!) but I sometimes drop into the local newsagent if there’s something interesting in the current Games Workshop part work (currently WH40K: Imperium); availability is irregular but I’m only picking up stuff that can be built as a stand-alone static model, form part of a diorama or has conversion potential. I’ll also pick up the occasional “Wargames Illustrated” if it as an interesting cover mount (usually a sample of the latest-released “Warlord Games” plastic).



I’m not going to build a 4 engine bomber for the really big plane group build, but I am mindful that 80 years ago this month, the first B-17 missions of the USAF were flown. I small beginning. And I was thinking about this and thought about how it might be fun to play this game.