What’s going on with Armorama? I try logging in and get a “403” message? If I go in through Kitmaker, no issues.

Are you trying to access www.kitmaker.net or www.armorama.com? KitMaker is down atm. Technical issues.

Not sure.Just type in “armorama” and click on first listing. Usually goes to main page then I click “forums”. Was getting 403 notice on most tries. Same MO for Kitmaker . With it if I went for home page I’d get 403 intermittently. If I went to forums, it went through. Just went to Armorama and it worked. Didnt know if the system was BO, my computer was going “HAL” on me, or I’d been black balled .( 403 message said something about not permitted axcess.)

If it was a couple of days ago there was some server issues going on with Armorama at that time. Maybe that was it.

Seems to be working fine now. As my deputy buddies use to say, “No autopsy, no foul.”