What's Happening on IOWA BB-61?!

Well…This is NOT a model, not even a diorama, but what is happening onboard USS IOWA!!

I have worked onboard IOWA for Nearly ten (10) of IOWA’s eleven (11) years and The Volunteers have done something VERY Dramatic on a BB that hasn’t been done in OVER 30 years, check out my video that I developed just recently…

A “short” video… Training Turret #3 USS IOWA, short (sorta) - YouTube

A “Longer” version… Training of Turret #3 USS IOWA BB-61 (longer ver.) - YouTube

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Well done guys!! Now look to see if you can elevate the barrels individually and together. Perhaps even get turrets 1 & 2 to train. In theory all the machinery on Iowa could be used…

I wonder if LA City Hall and the LA County Board of Supervisors are in ranger? That turret does face in the right direction…

Great to see that the volunteers have gotten that turret able to rotate. Its been a few years since I was last aboard her.

As far as Turret 1 & 2, the answer… NO.

For OBVIOUS reasons on Turret #2 = Explosion in 1989 killing 47 Sailors.

Turret #1 also a “no” because we are going to open that for Tours … MUCH Later, (No ETC = Estimated Time of Completion {??}). But in order to lower shells into the ship, we are transversing T3, it has the shortest ‘line-up’ to “Strike Down” shells into the hatch. THEN… we will transfer the shells into T1 via “Broadway” down the Engineering passageway.

As for the barrels…yes we can elevate them individually, but this is done Manually, but Not Too sure if they can be elevated by machinery/electrical output as in the turning of Turret 3.

Well… with a range of ~25 miles (40km) anything in Santa Monica, Dodger Stadium, 5 - 57 freeway, Disneyland, All of Balboa Pennisula, and a small part (not including Avalon) of Catalina. So IF You live within that diameter…be fore warned. :smirk:

As far as our Volunteers… YES, They did a HELLUVA Job!!! But Yeah, come on back to see what else we have…we have a “Gun Tour” that allows our Guest to go down 3rd Deck to “Aft Plot” and into the a 5" gun magazine, then into the gun mount itself, with the ending inside… well, Come on Back!!! :exploding_head:

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You guys are doing a fantastic job!! Even though you intend opening turret 1 to visitors, it could still be trained. As for turret 2, was any of the damge ever actually repaired? Rumour had it that all the components to fully repair turret 2 were stored inside the rurrer whilst in mothballs, but i imagine thats specialist Navy yard work? Keep the great work!!

Thanks ‘Whitewolf’… but as for transversing Turret #1, yes we could…but we will Not.

The reason of Just Turning our Turret, at least NAVY Thinking…is to lower the shells and “Strike 'Em Below” for storage. In order to do that we have to turn the turrets around so Much to have our ‘pulley’ line up with the Strike Down hatch. From what I gathered… NAVAL Intel :shushing_face:…we would have to turn Turret 1 & 2, SO Much Over, it would impede movement of our B U S Y Channel with container ships (across the channel) but More importantly, cruise ships right behind us. Thus, Turret 3 was the Best choice, moving her over just enough and NOT Impede traffic.

I’ll try to explain That part soon in a “WHY did we move the Turret?”.

AS far as what our Volunteers have done…YES, They have ALL Done a Helluva Job!!

Howdy, Again… I want to Share Another video, but this one is on “WHY” we 'turned Turret 3 onboard USS IOWA!! WHY...Why did we 'Turn Turret #3' on USS IOWA BB-61 - YouTube

This video Will NOT explain Why Turret 2 exploded, so Please, do NOT ask me that question…this is Not what the video is about.

For those who are not Too “Sailor”-savy, there is a “Graphic Explanation” on why those turrets are transversed, I hope you like it…