What's in your harbor and stash?

I am mostly an armour modeller but i do dabble in ships every now and then, in the past I have done a few ships including an older 1/96 USS constitution and I am now currently working on a 1:350 Tam Tirpitz

~( Tamiya 1:350 Tirpitz - #35 by RDT1953 by the way!)

currently the only other ship I have in my stash is a Tam 1:350 Enterprise but honestly, at over a metre long thats enough to last me a long time!

on top of that I have plenty of plans for more naval voyages in the future!

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Woah youre building the whole pacific theatre over here!

1/144 Germany U-Boat Type IIB (1939)
1/150 France Passat
1/150 Germany Kriegsmarine Type IX-B U-Boat
1/150 Germany U-581 German U-Boat Type VIIC
1/160 United States Whaling Ship, Charles W. Morgan
1/232 United States USS Olympia, Protected Cruiser Premium Edition
1/240 United Kingdom HMS Campbelltown Four Stack British Destroyer
1/245 United States D-Day Invasion LST
1/300 United States USS DeLong
1/350 Austro-Hungarian SMS Viribus Unitis
1/350 Canada HMCS Huron, Destroyer 1944
1/350 China Ching Yuen, Imperial Chinese Peiyang Fleet Cruiser
1/350 France French Submarine Surcouf
1/350 France French Navy Pre-Dreadnought Battleship Voltaire
1/350 France French Navy Dunkerque Battleship
1/350 Germany Arado Ar 196
1/350 Germany Scharnhorst 1941, German Battleship
1/350 Germany German Z-39 Detroyer
1/350 Germany Scharnhorst 1943, German Battleship
1/350 Germany German Z-31 Destroyer
1/350 Germany German Z-26 Destroyer
1/350 Germany Prinz Eugen 1945, German Heavy Cruiser
1/350 Germany Admiral Hipper 1941, German Heavy Cruiser
1/350 Germany Blucher, German Heavy Cruiser
1/350 Germany Schleswig-Holstein Battleship 1935
1/350 Germany Schleswig-Holstein Battleship 1908
1/350 Germany SMS Dresden & SMS Emden
1/350 Germany German S-100 Class Schnellboot
1/350 Germany WWII German Destroyer Z-17 Diether Von Roeder
1/350 Germany Admiral Graf Spee German Pocket Battleship
1/350 Germany Bismarck, German Battleship
1/350 Germany SMS Seydlitz (Battle Cruiser)
1/350 Germany German Imperial Navy Warship (1870s - 1900s)
1/350 Germany Type XXI Submarine, German WWII U-Boat
1/350 Italy Italian Heavy Cruiser Pola (1941)
1/350 Japan Japanese Navy Carrier-Based Aircraft Set
1/350 Japan IJN Seaman (Working Clothes)
1/350 Japan IJN Mikasa, Battleship The Battle of the Japan Sea
1/350 Japan IJN Yukikaze, Destroyer Type KOH, Operation Ten-Go
1/350 Japan IJN Akagi, IJN Aircraft Carrier 1941
1/350 Japan IJN Yahagi, Light Cruiser ‘Operation Ten-Ichi-Go 1945’
1/350 Japan HIL AWA MARU, N.Y.K. Line
1/350 Japan IJN I-400, Submarine
1/350 Japan IJN Yukikaze, Japanese Navy Destroyer
1/350 Japan IJN Chikuma, Japanese Heavy Cruiser
1/350 Japan IJN Musashi, Battleship
1/350 Japan IJN Taiho, Japanese Armored Aircraft Carrier
1/350 Japan IJN Ukuru Type B, IJN Escort
1/350 Japan IJN Transport No. 103 Class
1/350 Russian Russian WWI Battleship Gangut
1/350 Russian Taszkient, Russian Destroyer 1940
1/350 Russian Russian Cruiser Varyag
1/350 United Kingdom HMS Hood 1941
1/350 United Kingdom HMS Repulse 1941
1/350 United Kingdom HMS Queen Elizabeth 1943, Battleship
1/350 United Kingdom HMS Belfast 1942
1/350 United Kingdom HMS Roberts, Monitor
1/350 United Kingdom HMS Exeter
1/350 United Kingdom HMS York
1/350 United Kingdom HMS Kent, Heavy Cruiser
1/350 United Kingdom Cutty Shark, Tall Ship
1/350 United Kingdom RMS Titanic Centennial Edition
1/350 United Kingdom HMS King George V
1/350 United Kingdom HMS Prince of Wales
1/350 United Kingdom HMS ‘Zinnia’ Flower Class Corvette K98
1/350 United Kingdom HMS Campbeltown, St. Nazaire Raid Configuation
1/350 United Kingdom HMS Warspite ‘1942’ Premium Edition
1/350 United States USS North Carolina, BB-55
1/350 United States USS England DE-635
1/350 United States USS Massachusetts, BB-59
1/350 United States S.S. John Brown (Liberty Ship)
1/350 United States USS San Francisco CA-38, 1944
1/350 United States USS Indianapolis CA-35 1945
1/350 United States USS Texas BB-35 WWII Configuration
1/350 United States USS Lexington CV-2 Carrier 05/1942
1/350 United States USS Ranger CV-4
1/350 United States USS Langley CV-1
1/350 United States USS Langley AV-3
1/350 United States USS Indianapolis [CA-35] 1945 Version
1/350 United States USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73) Escort Carrier
1/350 United States USS Yorktown CV-5
1/350 United States USS Fletcher, DD445 Destroyer
1/350 United States USS Gato SS-212, 1941
1/350 United States USS Alaska CB-1
1/350 United States LCI(L) - Type 351
1/350 United States LCI(L) - Center Ramp Version
1/350 United States USS Avocet AVP-4
1/350 United States LST-1 Class, U.S. Navy Type 2 LSTS
1/350 United States LST-491 Class Landing Ship Tank, U.S. Navy Type 2 LSTS
1/376 United States USS Randall Attack Transport PA 224
1/380 United States Hawaiian Pilot, C-3 Freighter
1/400 Germany U23 Type II B Coastal Submarine
1/400 Germany Zerstore Z-31 1942
1/400 Germany Torpedo boat
1/400 Poland T43 AGR Class Patrol Boat
1/400 United States USS Noa DD-342 April 1940
1/400 United States USS Capistrano U.S. Navy T2-SE Type Oiler
1/450 Japan IJN Yamato, Battleship
1/450 Japan IJN Shinano, Aircraft Carrier
1/471 United States USS Hope, Hospital Ship
1/500 United States USS King
1/500 United States US Haven, Navy Hospital Ship
1/535 United States USS Missouri, US Navy Battleship 1945
1/547 United States USS Midway Aircraft Carrier
1/570 United Kingdom HMS Prince of Wales
1/600 United Kingdom RMS Mauretania
1/600 United Kingdom RMS Queen Elizabeth
1/600 United Kingdom HMS Repulse Battleship
1/600 United Kingdom HMS Iron Duke Battleship
1/600 United Kingdom HMS Suffolk
1/600 United States United States
1/700 Germany German Z-39 Detroyer
1/700 Germany Z Class Destroyer, Z37-39
1/700 Germany Bismark, German Battleship
1/700 Italy Italian Navy Battleship RN Vittorio Veneto 1940
1/700 Japan IJN Shinano, Aircraft Carrier
1/700 Japan IJN Hiryu, Japanese Aircraft Carrier
1/700 Japan Japanese Military Transport Set
1/700 Japan IJN Tone, Heavy Cruiser
1/700 Japan IJN Tohomaru, Tanker
1/700 Japan IJN Kinu, Japan Light Cruiser
1/700 Japan IJN HIEI, Battleship (Waterline Series)
1/700 Japan IJN Kirishima Battleship
1/700 Japan IJN Haguro, Heavy Cruiser
1/700 Japan IJN Shoho, Aircraft Carrier
1/700 Japan IJN Akagi, Aircraft Carrier
1/700 Japan IJN Heianmaru, Submarine Depot Ship
1/700 Japan IJN Katata/Hozu, Gun Boat
1/700 Japan IJN Submarines I-361 & I-171
1/700 Japan IJN Akitsushima, Seaplane Tender
1/700 Japan IJN Shigure & Samidare, Naval Destroyers
1/700 Japan IJN Juiho, Aircraft Carrier
1/700 Japan IJN Minelayer Okinoshima Island
1/700 Japan IJN Yamato, Japanese Navy Battleship
1/700 Japan IJN Hiei, Battlecruiser 1915
1/700 Japan IJN Kirishima, Battlecruiser 1915
1/700 Japan IJN Ushiho (1945) Japanese Destroyer
1/700 Japan IJN Tsurumi/IRO, Oiler Shiretoko Class
1/700 Japan IJN Hayate, Destroyer Kamikaze Class
1/700 Japan IJN Shioya, Tanker
1/700 Japan IJN Kashino, Special Cargo Ship
1/700 Japan IJN Mamiya, Food Supply Ship,
1/700 Japan IJN Kashino, Cargo Ship 1942
1/700 Japan Hikawamaru, Japanese Pacific Ocean Liner
1/700 Japan Kasugamaru, Japanese Pacific Ocean Liner
1/700 Japan Yawatamaru, Japanese Pacific Ocean Liner
1/700 United Kingdom HMS Ark Royal
1/700 United Kingdom HMS Rodney
1/700 United Kingdom HMS Nelson
1/700 United Kingdom HMS Prince of Wales
1/700 United Kingdom HMS Campbeltown 1942
1/700 United States US Navy Dock, Fletcher Class
1/700 United States USS Iowa Battleship BB-61 1984
1/700 United States USS Washington BB-56
1/700 United States USS San Francisco CA-38, 1942
1/700 United States USS Alabama BB-60
1/700 United States USS Tennessee BB-43 1944
1/700 United States AOE Fast Combat Support Ship U.S.S. Detroit AOE-4
1/700 United States USS Escort Carrier CVE-9 Bogue
1/700 United States USS Cushing, DD-797 U.S. Navy Destroyer
1/700 United States USS Arizona BB-39, 1941
1/700 United States SS Edmund Fitzgerald
1/700 USN Dry Dock, Charlestown Navy Yard
1/762 Germany Scharnhorst German Battleship
UNK United States Gee Bee Z Super Sportster
UNK UNK Pirate Ship Kit

Just waiting on Trumpeters release of the 1/350 Rodney and then that is it, unless I find a deal at a show I couldn’t refuse…LOL.

Mark :beer:


Mark - now that is one hell of a stash - At this point I am waiting on 3d-Wild to release the Soryu - once that is released I’ll order one more Shokaku so that I can build the Kido Butai!!


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@d6mst0 Mark, not sure if that’s a stash or a stockpile! A++

@McRunty @Black_sheep @RollTide @d6mst0 Good lord!

Rory, Thomas, David, Mark: between the 4 of you I believe you could recreate most of the world’s fleets during WW2 :grin:

Somewhat green with envy, my modest stash would never be permitted to expand beyond the few that I have, and even then SETEL is setting in…

all in 1/350:
Minicraft RMS Titanic
Hobby Boss HMS Lord Nelson
Mirage HMS Anchusa
Trumpeter HMS Eskimo

There’s too many on the “wish list” to mention :laughing:

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