What's in your harbor and stash?

A mini discussion what is in peoples stashes on the “Look What the Tide Washed Up!” thread got me wondering what people have built and on show in their harbors. I always find it interesting what “floats peoples boats” :smiley: when it comes to what they build.

So here is my list. I may go back and try to dredge up some photos of the finished ships if I can find them. Everything I have built is in 1/350, with the first one being completed in August 2017.

HMS Warspite
USS Missouri

USS Iwo Jima LHD-7

USS Yorktown (CG-48)

USS Fletcher DD-445
HMZ Zulu

Schnellboat S-100
HMS Roberts (monitor)
USS Freedom LCS - 1
USS England DE-635
Rowangath Tug

Alfa Class SSN - Hobby Boss
Alfa Class SSN - Dragon
Kilo Type 636
USS Los Angeles SSN-688
Type VII-D UBoat
HMS Victorious S-29
HMS Astute SSN

In the stash I have the following:

HMS Hood
HMS Prince of Wales
HMS King George V
IJN Musashi
KM Bismarck
SMS Konig
USS New Jersey (1980’s)
USS Wisconsin (Gulf War)
USS North Carolina
USS Texas

USS Enterprise CVN-65
USS Independence CVL-22

HMS Exeter
RM Zara

HMS Vendetta
HMS Westminster FFG
KM Z-76
USS Hopper DDG-70
USS Momsen DDG-92
USS Oliver Perry FFG

HMS Anthusa (Flower class)
USS Independence LCS-2
USS Jeremiah O’Brien
USS Pegasus (Hydrofoil)

USS Gato (1941) - 1/144 scale


Would love to see pictures of all of them but most especially these three.

HMS Warspite,
USS Yorktown (CG-48)
USS Fletcher DD-445

I really admire ship modelers and the dedication required. My few completed surviving ship models are all very old.

1/400 Heller

Type XXI Uboat - DML

1/700 Matchbox?
Admiral Hipper

Unbuilt in Stash
1/700 USS Enterprise (CV-6) by Meng
1/700 Bismarck by I Luv Kit w/all the extras

Hope to add to stash some day…
HMS Warspite
HMS Vanguard
HMS Hood
HMS Renown
HMS Tiger
HMS Lion
HMS King George V
SMS Derfflinger
SMS Seydlitz
SMS Goeben
USS Washington
USS North Carolina
USS O’Bannon
USS San Diego (CL-53)
USS San Francisco (CA-38)
USS New Orleans (CA-32)
USS Minneapolis (CA-36)

This is my current stash

1/350 Dragon CVL-22 Independence
1/350 Trumpeter Graf Zeppelin
1/350 Trumpeter Soveremenny
1/350 Dragon Mobile Bay
1/350 Revell SMS Emden
1/144 Revell Type VII

Completed and on display built since 2000

1/350 IJN Akagi
1/350 IJN Takao
1/350 IJN Yukikazi
1/350 IJN I-400
1/350 IJN Yamato
1/350 IJN Mikasa

1/350 Bismarck
1/350 Graf Spee

1/350 King George V

1/350 USS New Jersey modern
1/350 USS Lexington
1/350 USS Wasp
1/350 USS Fletcher

You’ve built all of those since 2017? I’m impressed. :astonished:

I have several ships in the stash (all 1/700), and another on the way; however, then only ship I’ve completed is the 1/700 Arii USS Fletcher DD-992 which I finished in 2009. I’ve built other models since then, just not ships.

In the stash:
1/700 Trumpeter
USS Texas BB-35
RN Vittorio Veneto

1/700 Hasegawa
USS Ticonderoga CV-14

1/700 Skywave/PitRoad
USS Callaghan DD792
USS John C. Butler DE-339
Sovremenny (at lease I think this is Skywave)

On the way:
1/700 HobbyBoss
USS New York LPD-21

Wow! I better get building.


Here we go. These aren’t the best photos unfortunately. I may make a weekend of it and take some proper pics of my ships. Also, rigging is my kryptonite. I need to actually work at it in the future.

HMS Warspite with Pontos upgrade

USS Fletcher with Eduard upgrade. Blast bags on the guns were done with the white glue method and turned out very nicely.

USS Yorktown with mystery Chinese PE Set (which I later discovered was a pirated copy of a White Ensign set :rage: )


Rory, all three look excellent!

Very nice with the PE & camouflage painting.

Some more pics I found on my phone. If you were on the old Modelshipwrights you would have seen a lot of these before.

Rowangarth Tug: First resin and waterline model I ever built. Also first water base. Ship turned out well, the base was good as a first attempt but I can see its flaws.

HMS Roberts: I am a sucker for monitors. Ever since reading Douglas Reemans HMS Saracen I have been hooked on them. They are just so ungainly and ill proportioned. I love them!

USS England. The little ship that could. It was a fun kit to build. White Ensign PE. The problem with Measure 21 camo is its so hard to photograph since its basically blue.

USS Iwo Jima: Full eduard PE set and multiple additional aircraft. This was my first carrier build and it went very well. Has hanger bay lighting installed too. Took me just on 3 months to finish this which is by far my fastest capital ship build (by several years)

The Subs: USS Los Angeles, HMS Victorious and the Kilo Class Type 636. I love building subs as they are quick. The Los Angeles took me 3 days maybe? I built the Victorious and Kilo Class together and completed them over a weekend.

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Some nice looking ships there, Rory. I never knew they made kits of monitors. I read “HMS Saracen” as well, oddly when I was in England. I actually enjoy the Alexander Kent novels more than the Douglas Reeman novels, even though they are the same person. Is that strange?


Not at all. God love him but the Douglas Reeman books are very samey and formulaic. The Alexander Kent books kept the same characters and they went through different events and actions so each book feels different (at least to me). Plus I think in general Age of Sail books are just more fun to read.

In my stash:
1:350 Hasegawa CVE Gambier Bay
1:350 Trumpeter BB HMS Queen Elisabeth
1:350 Fujimi BB IJN Haruna
1:350 Fujimi BB IJN Kongo
1:350 Trumpeter Pocket Battleship Graf Spee
1:200 Merit BB IJN Mikasa
1:350 Trumpeter Battlecruiser HMS Repulse
1:350 Trumpeter Battlecruiser Pjotr Velikiy
1:232 Encore Cruiser Olympia
1:350 Trumpeter Cruiser Exeter
1:350 Revell Cruiser SMS Dresden
1:350 Aoshima Cruiser IJN Tama
1:350 Zvesda Cruiser Varyag
1:350 Trumpeter Destroyer / Cruiser Type 052C Lanzhou
1:350 Trumpeter Zerstörer Z-43
1:350 Trumpeter Type 23 Frigate Montrose
1:350 Orange Hobby Steregushi Corvette
1:350 Orange Hobby Visby Corvette
1:350 RB Productions Emer class patrol vessel
1:72 Revell S-100 Schnellboot
1:350 Rainbow IJN Nr. 28 class Subhunter
1:350 Trumpeter HMS Roberts Monitor
1:350 Hasegawa seaplane tender Akitsushima
1:350 Hasegawa submarine tender Heian Maru
1:350 AFV-Club LST 1 class landing ship
1:350 Alliance Models submarine salvage ship SMS Vulkan
1:350 Hasegawa arctic research vessel Soya
1:200 Trumpeter Oceanliner Titanic 1:200
1:350 Tamiya I-400 Submarine
1:350 Aoshima I-19 and I-58 submarines (3 from each gifted from a friend)
1:72 Revell Gato Class submarine
1:72 Revell Type VIIC submarine + Special Navy minelayer conversion
1:72 Revell Type IX long range submarine + complete interior
1:72 Special Navy Type XXIII coastal submarine

  • intended aquisition for the future 1:350 Zvesda Nuclear Icebreaker Arktika

Following Kits I did finished (in the correct order of commission as far as I remember):

1:72 Special Navy Type 2A coastal submarine U-3
1:72 SS-1 USS Holland submarine (dont remember the company)
1:350 Pit-Road Ukuru class corvette
1:350 Bronco Ting Yuen Chinese Battleship
1:350 Orange Hobby Tarantul III class corvette “Morschansk”
1:350 Revell SMS Emden
1:350 Aoshima AA-cruiser IJN Isuzu
1:350 Trumpeter Regia Marine cruiser Zara
1:350 Aoshima postal sailing ship IJN Kaiwo Maru
1:350 Mirage Flower class corvette K98 Zinnia
1:350 Trumpeter Schulschiff Schleswig Holstein
1:350 Insidethearmor Torpedo destroyer Musquet
1:350 Trumpeter Zerstörer Z-25 1945 armament
1:350 Bronco PLAN Type 056 class corvette

Thats it for the moment :sweat_smile:

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Very nice and a very different set of interests and priorities in view. That’s awesome to me :slight_smile:

I remember some of these from your threads but not all. Pics please!

Hi Rory, not all are in my hobbyroom, some are in my business office. Which one in particular are you interested in?



Any of them! All of them! Thread is to show off what people want to show off :blush:

ok Rory your wish is my command: Exept from the Ting Yuen, the SMS Emden, the Isuzu and the Z-25 which are displayed in my business office here are my finished vessels

Type IIA Coastal submarine U-3; Special Hobby kit + AMP Detail set + Hecker & Goros crew

SS-1 submarine USS Holland (Iron shipwrights resin kit + CMK resin figure). This was my first try with resin sea sculping

IJN Ukuru Type B class corvette (Pit Road + Eduard PE-set + Fujimi figures)

Tarantul III class corvette “Morschansk” (Orange Hobby resin kit)

Regia Marina heavy cruiser Zara (Trumpeter + Shipyard Works Upgrade set + wooden deck + RB turned barrels)

IJN Kaiwo Maru postal and replenishment sailing ship (+ selfmade railings); this one still waiting for its base sitting in a lagoon in front of a rock with a lighting tower on top

Flower class corvette K98 Zinnia “In heavy seas” (Mirage + White ensign PE set + Black cat AA-gun)

Schulschiff Schleswig-Holstein “first shots at the Westerplatte” (Trumpeter + Eduard + RB barrels + Northstar figures + a lot selfmade changes)

Torpedo destroyer Musquet (Inside the armour multimedia kit)

Kriegsmarine Z-25 destroyer in upgraded 1945 configuration (Trumpeter + Artwox wooden deck + Flyhawk super detail set + BlackCat models 3d printed AA-guns)

Kriegsfischkutter KFK 411 (SSN Modellbau 3d-printed kit); astonishingly this vessel is still in (civil) use today :hugs:

And this is the last of my finished ships out of the production line, the Type 056 class corvette 585 “Baize” (Bronco + 5Star upgrade set)

So far my favourite ship is the SMS Emden because it looks great in her white-beige prewar livery and her famous story. Regrettably I have no picture at the moment. If you like I will deliver some tomorrow.




Most excellent and stunning work Thomas. Thank you for sharing it with us!


Mark :beer:

Beautiful work, Thomas.


Nice Harbor stash :grinning:

We have the 1/350 Titanic from Revell (almost finished)
To build:

  • Revell 1/700 RMS Olympic
  • Revell 1/570 Queen Mary

Hey all,

So my stash contains the following:

1/72 Revell USS Gato
1/144 Revell USS Fletcher DD-445
1/200 Trumpeter USS Arizona
1/350 Trumpeter USS Alabama
1/350 Trumpeter USS North Carolina
1/350 Trumpeter USS Yorktown CV-10
1/350 Trumpeter USS San Francisco 1942 version
1/350 Trumpeter USS San Francisco 1944 Version
1/350 Merit USS Enterprise CV-6
1/350 Hasegawa IJN Battleship Nagato
1/350 Hasegawa IJN Submarine Depot Ship Heian Maru
1/350 Hasegawa IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro
1/350 Hasegawa IJN Light Cruiser Yahagi
1/350 Hasegawa IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi
1/350 Hasegawa IJN Seaplane Carrier Akitsushima
1/350 Fujimi IJN Battleship Fuso
1/350 Fujimi IJN Aircraft Carrier Shokaku
1/350 Fujimi IJN Aircraft Carrier Kaga
1/350 Fujimi IJN Aircraft Carrier Hiryu
1/350 Tamiya USS Missouri BB-63 (WWII Version)
1/350 Tamiya IJN Battleship Musashi
1/350 Tamiya IJN Heavy Cruiser Mogami
1/350 Tamiya IJN Light Cruiser Mikuma
1/350 Tamiya IJN Heavy Cruiser Chokai
1/350 Tamiya IJN Submarine I-400
1/350 Tamiya USS Fletcher
1/350 Dragon USS Gleaves
1/350 Dragon USS Buchanan
1/350 Dragon USS Livermore
1/350 Fine Molds IJN Destroyer Amagiri
1/350 Aoshima IJN Battleship Kongo
1/350 Aoshima IJN Heavy Cruiser Nachi
1/350 Aoshima IJN Heavy Cruise Chikuma
1/350 Aoshima IJN Heavy Cruiser Haguro
1/350 Aoshima IJN Heavy Cruiser Myoko
1/350 Aoshima IJN Heavy Cruiser Takao
1/350 Aoshima IJN Heavy Cruiser Ashigara
1/350 Aoshima IJN Heavy Cruiser Maya
1/350 Aoshima IJN Light Cruiser Isuzu
1/350 Aoshima IJN Light Cruiser Kuma
1/350 Aoshima IJN Light Cruiser Kinu
1/350 Aoshima IJN Light Cruiser Nagara
1/350 Aoshima IJN Light Cruiser Tama
1/350 Aoshima IJN Submarine I-168
1/350 Aoshima IJN Submarine I-175
1/350 Aoshima IJN Submarine I-365
1/350 Aoshima IJN Submarine I-370
1/350 Aoshima IJN Submarine I-16
1/350 Aoshima IJN Submarine I-27
1/350 AFV Club IJN Submarine I-58
1/350 AFV Club IJN Submarine I-19
1/350 AFV Club LST-1
1/350 Very Fire USS Missouri BB-63
1/350 Very Fire USS Birmingham

Completed - well that is a different story.

1/350 Tamiya IJN Destroyer Kagero
1/350 Fine Molds IJN Destroyer Ayanami
1/350 Aoshima IJN Light Cruiser Tama - 90% complete
1/350 Aoshima IJN Heavy Cruiser Maya - Destroyed in move
1/350 Tamiya IJN Battleship Musashi
1/350 AFV Club IJN Submarine I-19 - Destroyed in move

Thats what I remember off the top of my head - may update after taking another look.



ship modellers are crazy!! :frowning_with_open_mouth: