Wheel hubs for M977 HEMTT

Hi all. I have been searching for hubs for the Italeri M977 vehicle. Seperate hubs and tyres. The is one for the Academy 1/72 kit but seems hard to find for a 1/35 scale version. I’m hoping if someone knows of any available version. Or maybe someone can cast a resin version to sell. I’m hoping here. :slight_smile:

Hi Charles, Trumpeter HEMTT kit has separate hubs and “rubber” wheels. You can contact Trumpeter aftermarket service for them. I bought me sprues for my M1095 trailer a while ago for a fair price.

I am looking for the 1/35 scale. Not the 1/72 scale. I just posted that as an example. Here is the 1/72 version.

OK, I was a little confused. Italeri also includes separate wheels/tires in their new kits and they also sell sprues.

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Take a look at the photo I posted above Gino. The wheels and hubs are separate. I do not have the new kit. It’s an old Italeri m977 kit. I think I got it over 15 years ago.

I didn’t know they sell spruces separately too, Gino. Do I have to contact them personally or is it on their website?

Right, you can buy the new wheels/tires from Italeri.

New hubs and tires.

They do sell separate sprues. You can contact them on their website. I have bought quite a few different sprues/parts from them.

Eh Gino! Thanks man!!! I’ll type the link in the pic. Appreciate it. Saves me from buying an entire kit just to get at the hubs. :slight_smile:

The link in the pic above is not Italeri. Try here: Italeri CONTATTI

Just clicked on the link you posted and send them an email. Let’s hope they respond fast.

Had no problem with Italeri service.

Ok. Thank you.