When is another StuG III not another StuG III?

When it’s a rebox of someone else’s kit.

Re-box of the Das Werk kit?

If you look at this kit on Scalemates, it shows to the right the MonoChrome kit (whomever that is), same version, even the same box art.


Look at MonoChrome’s other kits, and they are a mix of Trumpeter and Academy kits reissued.

Now we know Academy doesn’t do a 1/16 Stug, but Trumpeter was supposed to release a Stug G in 1/16


So I would think this is that kit, since Trumpeter hasn’t released it yet.

Yes, the Monochrome kit is indeed the Trumpeter kit released for the Japanese market.

Using the same box art then, reasonable to assume the Heller kit is one and the same

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