Where are all the Engineering Vehicles

So, I am an old Army mechanic that spent a good chunk of my career with the Engineers, and I am noticing that there are some gaps in the realm of engineering equipment. Now I’m posting this in the hopes that some of the missing vics have been kitted and I just don’t know about it. I also need to explain that I only build 1/35 modern US military so it’s a little of a narrow build field. So here is my list of what i think is missing:

M105 Duce
SEE Truck
Volcano Mine System
Most of the construction equipment
M60 Based AVLB
Bridge and boat variants of the HEMMT

this is what I see missing. Please feel free to correct or show me if I missed something.

Dragon just re-released their M60 AVLB, but it’s got dimensional problems, and accuracy issues but kinda’ looks the part.

Stock number is 3591 and it runs $80-90 if you shop around.

Or you if can find the ancient Hobby Fan resin M48 AVLB that’s better and adapt it to an M60 with a compressor bulge. Hobby Link Vietnam had a 3D printed AVLB, but it had the same problems as the Dragon.

As for the others, I dunno. There’s a Bundeswehr Scorpion mine launching system on an M548 that’s 3D printed and an impossible to find resin conversion, but that’s not a Volcano.


so being a ex armoured engineer , here are two Centurion AVREs i built this year. one with a Mk5 turret based on my old tank in early 70s with basket stowed on rear decks .
the other as a

Mk3 turret shape , set in late 80s with all the extra modifications for this particular vehicle,

hope you like them


great builds thanks for jumping in.

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Deserves its own campaign. Wink-Wink :wink:

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I build to slow for a group build. And my build cue is planned out for the next 30 builds.

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Two engineering vehicles I’ve been itching to build are the Sherman “Crab” - One of Horvarth’s Funnies; and the American M-728 CEV.


the AVLB vehicles are usually big and they do not have big appeal for beginner modellers.
you can find some cheap realization in 1/72
some CEV Tanks are avaiable

Hobarts Funnies
Most of the Sherman & Churchill Variants are available as kits from AFV Club or conversions by Accurate Armour, Resicast or LANMO Model

Most recent are the Sherman MK1 Crab Sherman M1A1 Dozer from LanMo


Don’t forget those done by Newlands Models of British armoured Engineer vehicles, I think the Bridgelayers and AVLBs will be covered over the next two years


Totally forgot about the M9 Armored Dozer. Nice addition.

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AFV Club makes a decent M728 CEV. And I would want to include the HEMTT M984 wrecker based on the crane/recovery/repair capabilities.


M9 ACE is a decent kit but the tracks……are hateful.

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IDF Puma in the Gaza strip 2006.
Hobby Boss kit with a lot of little bits added.
Brush painted in Humbrol enamels and oils for stains.